Native American Astrology.

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Native American Astrology.

Postby megsy » Sat May 18, 2013 7:32 pm

Many Native American cultures have myths and legends where animals are the main characters or play an important role in teaching the younger generation important life lessons. Some of these cultures have created a belief system, or zodiac, based on animal guide
Goose - Dec 22 to Jan 19

Earth: A time for renewal
Animal Totem: Goose
Personality: hardworking, reliable and serious.
Positives: determination, ambition and perseverance.
Sub-desires: integrity.
Direction: North, NorthEast.
Mineral: Peridot.
Emotion: concentrate on oneself.
Negatives: pessimisms, egoism, demanding, rigid.
Needs to work on: express yourself, sociability.
Wind: North Wind, Buffalo totem
Plant: Blackberry bush.
Intentions: confidence.
Best with other: beaver, brown bear and raven.
Try to avoid: pessimism, self-doubt.
Element: Earth with Air.
Colour: white
Best times: best day saturday, best time of day between 9 and 11am and between 9 and 11 pm.
Goals: preservation.
Life: adaptation.

Otter - Jan 20 - Feb 18

Earth: a time of purification
Animal Totem: otter
Personality: independent, dynamic, friendly, unconventional
Positives: good perception, inventor, reform-conscious
Sub-desires: wisdom
Direction: north
Mineral: turquoise
Emotion: detached
Negatives: eccentric, unpredictable, tactlessness, stubborn
Needs to work on: courage, tolerance, inventiveness
Wind: north wind totem buffalo
Plant: fern
Intentions: imagination
Best with other: raven, falcon, deer
Try to avoid: eccentricity, stubbornness
Element: air
Colour: silver
Best times: best day saturday, best times between 11am and 1pm and between 11pm and 1am
Goals: knowledge
Life: creative power

Wolf - Feb 19 - March 20

Earth: a time of stormy winds
Animal Totem: wolf
Personality: artistic, gentle, sympathetic, generous
Positives: adaptability, sensitive, understanding
Sub-desires: identity
Direction: north, northeast
Mineral: jade
Emotion: deep feelings
Negatives: anxious, unpractical, non-committal
Needs to work on:creativity, understanding, intuition
Wind: north wind, totem buffalo
Plant: Plantain
Intentions: understanding
Best with other: woodpecker, brown bear, snake
Try to avoid: lethargy, timidness, the unparctical
Element: water with air
Colour: blue-green
Best times: best day Thursday best times between 1 and 3pm
Goals: freedom
Life: love

Hawk - Mar 21 - Apr 19

Earth: a time of awakening
Animal Totem: falcon
Personality: vehement and powerful, spontaneous activity
Positives: affable manner, adventure, openness for new things, enterprising
Sub-desires: cognition through experience
Direction: north east
Mineral: opal
Emotion: fast and varied
Negatives: impatience, egotist, boastful, attitude, agocentric
Needs to work on: patience, sympathy and perseverance
Wind: east wind, totem eagle
Plant: dandelion
Intentions: new start, activity
Best with other: salmon and owl
Try to avoid: intolerance, vanity, arrogance
Element: fire
Colour: yellow/green
Best times: best day Tuesday, best time between 3 and 5am, top form int he morning and relaxation in the evening.
Goals: leadership and initiation
Life: to individuality by cognition

Beaver - Apr 20 - May 20

Earth: a time of growth
Animal Totem: beaver
Personality: methodical, perseverance, inventive, headstrong
Positives: objectivity, staying power, strong will
Sub-desires: exemption of obligations
Direction: east
Mineral: haemitite and jasper
Emotion: sensitive, hypersensitive
Negatives: no flexability, possessive, intolerance
Needs to work on: flexabilty, sympathy, inititive
Wind: east wind, totem eagle
Plant: clover
Intentions:possession, property
Best with other: woodpecker, brown bear, goose
Try to avoid: stubbornness, material greed, inflexibilty
Element: earth with fire
Colour: yellow
Best times: best day Friday, best times between 5 and 7am and 5 and 7pm
Goals: possession means security
Life: recognition and possession of lasting values

Elk - May 21 - Jun 19

Earth: the time to blossom
Animal Totem: deer
Personality: moody, obliging, communicative, fast and awake
Positives: humor, friendliness, intellect
Sub-desires: to make the spiritual conscience perfect
Direction: south east
Mineral: agate
Emotion: sensitive, but not far-reaching
Negatives: laziness, restlessness, instability, despondency
Needs to work on: sympathy, concentration, perseverance
Wind: east wind, totem eagle
Plant: mullein
Intentions: versatility, open to everything
Best with other: raven and otter
Try to avoid: superficiality, moodiness and inconsistency
Element: air with fire
Colour: orange
Best times: best day Wednesday, best times between 7 and 9 am and pm
Goals: concinnity and connecting
Life: coordination

Woodpecker - Jun 20 - Jul 19

Earth: a time of long days
Animal Totem: woodpecker
Personality: sympathy, sensitive, emotional and protecting.
Positives: sympathy, imaginative, thrifty and affectionate
Sub-desires: to live in the here and now
Direction: south south east
Mineral: rose quartz
Emotion: romantic, motherly, fatherly
Negatives: moody, possessive, resentful
Needs to work on: agility, intuition
Wind: south wind, totem mouse
Plant: dogrose
Intentions: devotion
Best with other: snake, wolf, beaver
Try to avoid: possession, self-pity, envy
Element: water
Colour: roseate
Best times: best day Monday, best times between 9 and 11am and 9 and 11pm
Goals: developing of feelings
Life: assimilation

Salmon - Jul 22 - Aug 21

Earth: a time to mature
Animal Totem: salmon
Personality: enthusiasm, self- confident, pride, full of energy
Positives: magnanimity, generousity
Sub-desires: stability in feelings
Direction: south
Mineral: carnelian
Emotion: intensive, passionate
Negatives: arrogance, intolerance, despotic, dogmatic
Needs to work on: ability to judge, emotional stability, tolerance
Wind: south wind, totem mouse
Plant: raspberry
Intentions: rule
Best with other: owl, falcon
Try to avoid: boasting, arrogance, indifference
Element: fire with water
Colour: red
Best times: best day Saturday, best times between 11 and 1 am and pm
Goals: rule
Life: to find a certain goal.

Bear - Aug 22 - Sep 21

Earth: a time for harvest
Animal Totem: brown bear
Personality: modesty, diligence, practical, fussy
Positives: accurate, high ability to judge, moderatley
Sub-desires: perfection
Direction: south south west
Mineral: topaz
Emotion: analytical, warmhearted
Negatives: workaholic, hypocritical, prudish, grumbler
Needs to work on: tolerance, optimism
Wind: south wind, totem mouse
Plant: violet
Intentions: applicability
Best with other: goose and beaver
Try to avoid: grumbling, skepticism, hesitance
Element: earth with water
Colour: brown and violet
Best times: best day Wednesday, best times between 1 and 3 am and pm.
Goals: the examination, permanent effort
Life: learn differentiation

Raven - Sept 22 - Oct 22

Earth: the time of falling leaves
Animal Totem: raven
Personality: tolerant, goodnatured, charming, friendly
Positives: diplomatic, romantic, idealistic
Sub-desires: beauty, harmony
Direction: south west
Mineral: azurit
Emotion: sensitive
Negatives: gullible, indecisive, frivol, resentful
Needs to work on: inspriration, impartiality, perserverance, determination
Wind: west wind, totem grizzly
Plant: ivy
Intentions: justice
Best with other: otter and deer
Try to avoid: partnership
Element: air with earth
Colour: blue
Best times: best days Friday, best between 3 and 5 pm
Goals: partnership
Life: harmonization

Snake - Oct 23 - Nov 22

Earth: a time of frost
Animal Totem: snake
Personality: mysterious, ambitious, determined, intense, impulsive
Positives: imagination, purposeful, sharp-sighted
Sub-desires: spiritual unification
Direction: west
Mineral: amethyst
Emotion: concealed
Negatives: resentful, mysterious, distrusting, stubborn
Needs to work on: creativity, tolerance, adaptability
Wind: west wind, totem grizzly
Plant: thistle
Intentions: introspection
Best with other: woodpecker and wolf
Try to avoid: egocentric, envy, despair
Element: water with earth
Colour: violet
Best times: best day Tuesday, best times between 5 and 7pm and am
Goals: satisfaction
Life: sensitivity

Owl - Nov 23 - Dec 21

Earth: the time for long nights
Animal Totem:owl
Personality: adventure, independent, warm hearted, jovial
Positives: conscientiousness, adaptabilty, versatility
Sub-desires: determination
Direction: north west
Mineral: obsidian
Emotion: warm
Negatives: tactlessness, restlessness, impetuous
Needs to work on: optimism, enthusiasm, concentration
Wind: west wind, totem grizzly
Plant: mistletoe
Intentions: objectivity
Best with other: falcon and salmon
Try to avoid: greed, excess, exaggeration
Element: fire with earth
Colour: gold
Best times: best days Thursday, best between 7 and 9 am and pm
Goals: communication, understanding
Life: edification
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