She Was... The Queen Mary

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She Was... The Queen Mary

Postby Jemm » Mon May 06, 2013 5:23 am

info with the clip
This 1968 film clip was produced by an unknown source for an unknown purpose showing a brief history of the liner, RMS Queen Mary and her final voyage to Long Beach, CA..

The late Bill Winburg, historian aboard the QM in the 1980s had recorded this film onto video using a camera aimed at a projector screen and had given local QM supporter, Diane Rush a copy. Unfortunately, the video tape has aged and the original recording was crudely done to begin with, but Diane was kind enough to loan me the video for making a digital copy to share.

I have tried to clean up the rough and fuzziness, enhanced the color and enhanced the audio track as best that I could.

The voices you will hear are mainly of passengers aboard the "Last Great Cruise" in 1967 from Southampton to Long Beach, along with her last captain, John Treasure Jones. Another notable voice you will hear is of Bob Hope, speaking about how him and his wife, Delores fled from Europe back to the States aboard the Queen Mary only days before war broke out.

Nothing is known about the production of this film... if anyone has any information about it, please contact me.

A special thanks to Diane Rush for loaning the video copy and allowing me to share on youtube

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