Types of ghost

This section was designed for beginners to the paranormal field. In this section you will find paranormal terms, information on ghosts, hauntings and for you to ask questions! Jump right in!
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Types of ghost

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The most 'familiar' kind, or type, of ghost is the 'recording' or 'residual' haunting. Such ghosts are generally described as 'like a recording', where the same thing (noises, object movement, apparitions) will occur in the same place repeatedly on different occasions.

Another well-known kind of ghost is the poltergeist. This is a haunting where physical activity is the most prominent component. In some cases, whatever is responsible can even react to people or events in the case (unlike in 'recordings').

Another important type of ghost is the crisis apparition. These are described in the right-hand column.

Some people claim there are other types of ghost, such as those that interact with people. Some people claim that shadow ghosts are a different type too. Typically, such shadow ghosts are a kind of 'corner of the eye' phenomenon. Despite such 'new' ghost types, there is a good case for keeping things simple and sticking with the main three types mentioned above.

There are also alternative classification systems clearly based on the 'spirit' theory of hauntings, such as 'earthbounds' or 'elementals'. However, if you take the scientific approach, theories must be supported by compelling evidence. ASSAP's investigations have not produced any convincing evidence that ghosts are spirits.

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