Ghosts and Hauntings

This section was designed for beginners to the paranormal field. In this section you will find paranormal terms, information on ghosts, hauntings and for you to ask questions! Jump right in!
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Ghosts and Hauntings

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Because research cannot start by assuming what it will find, here is a basic working definition of a ghost:

a ghost (or apparition) is a human (sometimes animal) figure, witnessed by someone, which cannot be physically present
Similarly, a basic definition of a haunting is:

a haunting is a series on unexplained experiences generally associated with a particular physical location**
An in-depth discussion of these definitions of ghost and haunting appears here. To decide if you've seen a ghost, see here.

What are ghosts really like?

When: Ghosts appear at any time of day and any time of year. There is certainly no bias towards Halloween or Christmas, as some people assume.

Where: Ghosts have been reported in many different places, but particularly where people live and work. This may simply be because potential witnesses spend most of their time in such places. Ghosts are not, contrary to popular belief, reported more frequently in graveyards.

Appearance: Ghosts usually appear as clothed figures. They are not usually surrounded or accompanied by any background scenery. Most ghosts look like normal people - not transparent, or glowing* like their fictional representations (which brings into question dark vigils). You could walk past one in the street and not notice them. Ghosts do, however, often vanish spontaneously. Though apparitions are sometimes seen in 'period' costume, as if from an earlier era, this only started being reported at the beginning of the twentieth century. Before that they were normally reported only in contemporary dress.

Read more at this link....
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