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Photo Map

Postby Dellycat » Wed Oct 05, 2011 2:50 pm

was searching for photos of the Dampier Archipelago this evening after watching a great bit of footage on tv. I came across this fantastic site, you click on places listed, photos from that and surrounding locations are there to be seen. This gives you a good idea of where in Australia places are as well.

If you scroll down the window box that opens in the middle of the screen, you can open up maps for each city in Australia, in those boxes you can then open up different areas. Hard to explain, easy to work out, explore and enjoy.

This is the link to Perth City, in the box are links to places of interest and videos, also links to outer perth areas.,_west ... ralia.html

One of the videos is over Mundijong, which is about 20km south of Armadale where I live.
The videos are hard to watch over the map, but it seems most of them are hosted on Youtube.
Here is the Mundijong video, it gives a good view of the river and city from Fremantle at the end of the video. The big industrial area they show before that is Kwinana, down the coast a little from Fremantle. This was filmed in Jan 07, see how dry it is here in summer, no green, just all yellow and dead.


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