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Kangaroo Jack

Postby Dellycat » Fri Oct 07, 2011 6:08 pm

I was watching TV the other night and this movie came on, I had forgotten about it.


A comedy that follows the misadventures of two friends from Brooklyn who are forced to deliver mob money to Australia. While taking pictures of a kangaroo, one of them places his red jacket on it. When the wild kangaroo bounces off, they realize the mob money is in the jacket and are forced to give chase through the Outback
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Quite a funny movie with some good scenery. Some funny one liners, they are told by the mob that when they get to Australia - Sydney, they take the great southern h/way....North..... to get to cooper pedy....which is not in that direction, the way they are told takes them to Alice Springs, way out of the way, Aussies will get that joke. Also Kangaroos don't talk to you in the way this one does LOL Clever animation/filming with the close up work with the kangaroo.

Here is a clip from the movie, one of the many funny bits in it, but this is the start of their trip in Australia.

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