National Geographic films Casuarina Prison

Opened in 1855, closed in 1991
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National Geographic films Casuarina Prison

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Posted: Sun Mar 15, 2009

In 1991 the inmates and staff of Fremantle Prison were transferred to the new security prison at Casuarina, about 20 kms south of Perth, and the Fremantle Prison was closed.

July 02, 2008
A TEAM from Foxtel's National Geographic Channel spent three weeks inside Casuarina Prison WA's toughest jail.

They took these pictures and found how hard life is behind the razor wire.

Prisoners and guards have given a rare insight into brutal life inside Casuarina Prison, home to murderers, rapists and the dregs of society.

Out of sight and out of mind to the community at large, Casuarina's inhabitants slowly chalk off the days, months and years until release. But survival is a day-to-day test.

National Geographic films Casuarina Prison

Pictures from Casuarina Prison

National Geographic website - AUSTRALIA'S HARDEST PRISON. Videos of this and other prisons in Australia and overseas's-hardest-prison/

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