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Postby Jemm » Wed Sep 28, 2011 6:44 pm

white wolf

Posted: Sun Mar 29, 2009

im off tuesday to see colin fry in bristol,ive never seen him work live before only on t.v so will be interesting. apart from local mediums ive seen so far


well it was a good evening the place was packed out and at £23 per ticket im sure the takings were very good,to be honest colin fry was ok but did not make an impression on me ,i did
i admit not like at the end him promoting his new book to the audience. just my feelings on it.

he was on with TJ HICKS a lady from london who uptill now i did not really care for,but i have to say last night she made a big impression on me seeing her work on stage,she was energetic ,funny and came out with some good work. i feel she has perhaps moulded herself
on tony stockwell with her mannerism etc but i was most impressed

TJ,i was very impressed with her.
personally i have a few books of colin but if you want to buy one you go and buy one and i thought it a bit pushy to try and advertise your own book in such a place thats all.

there was also a collection bucket passed round for a PURU CHILDRENS fund which he endorsed etc,which again i give to charity but i thought this strange also. im not putting him down it was just how i felt at the time. he also made a speech that if anyone heckled him they would be removed etc ..

i still maintain the best man for me is agordon smith.

my siter is going in july to see JOHN EDWARDS.


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