How To Have a Visit From The Other Side

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How To Have a Visit From The Other Side

Postby Jemm » Fri Oct 07, 2011 5:00 pm

Posted: Mon Oct 20, 2008

From Psychic Sylvia Browne’s book
The Other Side and Back.

How to have a visit with someone from the other side
Chapter titled “A Visit With The Other Side’

There’s a simple and fascinating exercise that can open the way to some beautiful encounters with the other side as often as you like, and it only takes a few quiet moments to accomplish. You can ask to meet your Spirit Guide, or departed loved one- but again, please welcome who ever shows up.

So with a clear, relaxed and open mind, sit comfortably, as distanced from possible interruptions and distractions as you can manage, and close your eyes.

>An added note here before you begin: A reference to God does not imply any particular religious depiction. The word God is a symbol of whoever or whatever, in your own belief system that this happens to be for you.

Picture this in your minds eye.

You’re approaching a pair of huge, gleaming brass doors, intricately etched and ornate, the most beautiful you’ve ever seen. In the center of each door is a large brass ring. The smooth polished metal feels cool to you hands as you grab the rings and easily swing open the heavy doors.

Inside, you find a perfectly oval room. It’s serene and embracing. You feel safe and unburdened, taking deep breaths of fresh clean air you walk down the three steps into the vast room.

The floors are hardwood, with white rugs as soft as clouds that soothe your bare feet as you walk slowly across them. A fire warms the room from a gray stone fireplace. An arched window reaches to the ceiling, and the ocean breeze it lets in only slightly disturbs the sheer, graceful curtains of loosely spun silk. A white grand piano is set beside the window, reflecting the pastel light of sunset. Candles glow all around you. You detect a trace of nearby jasmine.
Two chairs wait side by side, identical, of rich white brocade, with legs of curved wood.

You settle into the left chair, so that the chair to your right is empty. Your breath slows. As you look around the oval room from the comfort of your chair, you’re quietly filled with the knowledge that you’ve never felt so peaceful, healthy, alive, and content.
You ask God to surround you with the white light of the Holy Spirit, and you immediately feel the warmth of its all-powerful unconditional love spread over you and through you, until the light is part of you. You know the joy of being adored.
From the stillness to you right you notice movement, and you turn toward it.

A figure steps forward and takes a seat in the empty chair beside you. You’re not afraid, knowing no harm or darkness will approach the divine light that protects you.
The figure waits, patient, still and open. You’re blessed by its presence.
Finally, softly, you speak….

Sometimes the figure will be someone you recognize, a dear departed friend or family member. Talk to them. Share your heart with them. But don’t forget to listen too. Even if all they have to say is “I’m here and I love you,” what a wonderful thing to hear from someone you never thought you’d see again.

If it’s not someone you recognize, ask their name. If they don’t tell you right away, that’s okay. Just keep talking, keep asking questions, and keep listening. In the process of telling you why they’ve come and what they have to say, they may reveal their name sooner of later. It may be an ancestor. It may be your Spirit Guide, it may be someone with a message from a loved one. But whoever it is, welcome them!

If you want to build on this exercise, have a friend sit with you during it. Afterwards, write down a detailed description of the figure who came to visit, fold your description in half so your friend can’t see it, and ask them to describe the figure to you. You’ll be amazed at how often their description matches the one you’ve written, whether they’re psychic or not.

You might be tempted to dismiss the results of this exercise as “imagination.” For the record, my Spirit Guide says imagination is one of the worst words in our vocabulary, because it’s such a convenient and lame excuse for so many real experiences we should pay attention to.

By Sylvia Browne


My personal experience with A Visit From The Other Side

I read about how to contact your loved ones in Psychic Sylvia Browne’s book The Other Side And Back

I decided to try it! I read that you have to go to this oval room sit down and wait for who ever may come through to come sit down next to you
I thought maybe I would see my dad or my grandparents or even my spirit guide or no one at all ( I was hoping to meet my spirit guide)
So I did it and within seconds of sitting down… you won’t believe this, I didn’t either at first, figured it was just my imagination.
But my dog Keeper came, a big half Rottie, half German Shepherd dog that was the best dog ever, I had ran over and killed her with my truck by mistake a few years ago. (A very difficult time for me and my daughter, who held her in her arms while I drove franticly searching for a vet. She died in her arms)

Keeper came bounding across the room, jumped in the chair and wagged her tail. She had a panting happy dog face starring at me. She looked awesome!

And this is the kicker
She licked my cheek, just once and then she disappeared, my face got itchy, it wasn’t wet but got itchy.
I am allergic to dog saliva and I usually get hives. I did not scratch it as it wasn’t exactly itchy, but more tingly like on the verge of itchy (hard to explain)
I got up and looked in the mirror after and my face was red right wear she licked it! My jaw hit the ground.
I think that was done to give me proof it really happened and it was not in my imagination.
I would have deemed it my imagination for sure!
I never expected her to come or any animal for that matter!

And while it was happening, at first I was scared to try this but as soon as I sat down I got this wonderful peaceful feeling and felt oh so safe and everything was so bright and beautiful and then after Keeper left I couldn’t stop the overwhelming feeling of pure happiness, my lower lip quivered and the tears started rolling down my face.

Now I can’t wait to go back again!

Here is an outline of how you do it, see the post ‘How to have a visit with someone from the other side’ for the exact exercise.

You have to picture it in your mind with all the details and picture yourself there and walking down the 3 steps etc etc You need to have total quiet so you can concentrate
It is all laid out for you in detail in the exercise so you know what you are seeing and smelling.
You must have no distractions, it’s sort of like a way of meditating and it is worth the effort!
It only took 5 minutes for me, Keeper was only there for maybe 7 seconds.
Everyone’s experience will be different of course, so be patient.

Please share with us if you do try it.



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