Edgar Cayce, Visions and Prophecies

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Edgar Cayce, Visions and Prophecies

Postby Jemm » Fri Oct 07, 2011 4:55 pm

Posted: Mon Oct 20, 2008

Edgar Cayce, his visions and prophecy. He predicted both World Wars, saved many lives with his psychic diagnoses (while asleep) and his readings have been documented and saved.

Over a 40 plus year period, Edgar Cayce performed "life readings" and diagnosed over 30,000 people, with most of his diagnoses resulting in cures. And yet this man was not a doctor and had no medical training when he was awake. He had, in fact, very little education. His readings were all given while he slept or more specifically while he put himself in a trance-like state. He was called "The Sleeping Prophet."

One of the more unusual aspects of Cayce's character was that he did not seek publicity and did not accept payment for his readings and cures. He made his living as a photographer and chose to perform his psychic readings as an avocation. He felt that his gift was a gift from God, and to that end, chose to give of his gift freely.

Because he neither sought publicity or payment for his services, the work of Cayce faded into obscurity after his death in 1947. His followers kept his memory alive, along with reports of his readings and diagnoses, which were transcribed and are preserved by the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The memory of Cayce and his works became revived somewhat during the 1960's from publicity generated by best selling books about his life.

Edgar Cayce was born on March 18, 1877, near Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Cayce, as a child, did very poorly at schoolwork. This caused his parents some distress, especially his father, Squire Leslie Cayce. He and his son's teachers considered Edgar lazy and a day dreamer. This was all to change in the spring of Edgar's 13th year.

A lifelong student and lover of the Bible, Edgar went to a playhouse he had built in the woods to read the Bible when he was 13. According to accounts he told others, he felt as if someone were looking at him. When he looked up, he saw a woman with wings standing in the woods looking at him. He was frightened. She spoke to him, telling him that his prayers had been answered. She asked him to tell her what he wanted most and she would give it to him. He replied that he would most like to be helpful to other people, especially children who were sick.

The next day after the visit from the apparition in the woods, Edgar's father was coaching him with spelling words. Edgar was having great difficulty learning the words and his father became quite distressed with him. When Edgar asked if he could rest for a few minutes and then try to spell the words again, his father agreed. He fell asleep on his spelling book. When his father returned after a few minutes to wake him, Edgar asked him to now quiz him on the spelling words. He got them all correct. Then he asked his father to ask him any word in the entire book. He was 100% correct. From then on he learned his lessons by sleeping on his books and he did quite well in school.

He graduated from the 9th grade, which was as high as the school went. At 16, he was old enough to work and help support the family. His first job was helping his uncle farm his grandmother's farm. He later became a bookseller and eventually decided on the career in photography.

He met a young girl named Gertrude Evans and fell madly in love. It was, they both felt, love at first sight. They shared the same love of books, photography, the same spiritual beliefs. They married and eventually had two sons: Hugh Lynn and Edgar Evans.

Edgar was troubled about the dreams and visions he seemed to have on a regular basis, unsure if these visions and dreams were divinely inspired. He once took a hard fall on the spine while playing ball, and began acting in a strange manner. While asleep, he began to talk in an authoritative voice, instructing his parents in the preparation and placement of a poultice. They followed his instructions and after the prescribed time, Edgar once again became his old self.

Nothing else seemed to happen, other than his normal dreams and visions, until Edgar lost his voice and could only whisper hoarsely when he was around 19 years old. Nothing seemed to work to improve his voice for months until he despaired of ever talking normally again. He decided to allow a traveling hypnotist to put him to sleep and attempt a cure. Although he could speak normally while under the hypnotic trance, when he awoke, he was still voiceless.

He eventually decided to put himself sleep like he had done with his school books, in the hope that he could "talk" a cure in his sleep as he had done when he had given instructions for the poultice for his spine injury.

After putting himself to sleep, Edgar, speaking in a strong and authoritative voice, said he had located the problem and he cured himself immediately. Everything that he said while he was asleep was written down and that set the pattern for all of his readings and cures in the future. They were always documented, his words written down by someone he trusted. They were then typed and filed. Today, his readings are preserved and can be found just as he spoke them, in his Association for Enlightenment and Research in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

A deeply religious man, Edgar hesitated when it was suggested that he help others as he had helped himself. With prayer and especially with the encouragement of his mother, he embarked on a trip to see a little girl who had gotten a case of the grippe when she was two years old and now, at the age of five, had not developed mentally beyond the age of two. Edgar put himself to sleep and spoke with knowledge and understanding that he did not have while he was awake. He prescribed an osteopathic cure, with certain adjustments to the spine carried out for a period of weeks. Within three months, the little girl was completely normal.

His profession as a "psychic diagnostician" had begun. He never accepted payment. Although he could have become a very rich man, he chose not to charge for the gifts God had given him. He gave throughout the course of his life over 30,000 readings. His strength and energy would not allow him to give over two readings a day all documented, at first by his father, then most often by his wife Gertrude after they married.

It was not necessary for a person to come to Edgar Cayce in order to receive a reading. A letter could be mailed, giving the address of the person who needed a reading. Edgar would put himself to sleep and apparently his psychic self would travel and locate the body that needed the reading. He often could accurately describe the surroundings of the patient, even though he had never physically been there. The instructions on how to affect a cure were then often mailed to the afflicted person, including where often bizarre or obsolete medicines could be found.

He used all sorts of cures - all of known medical science at the time and some that were odd sounding but caused the desired results. He freely admitted to not having any medical knowledge while he was awake.

Edgar Cayce was certain of reincarnation and many of his findings were based on what he said were past life experiences. He never used his abilities except to prescribe for the sick or to give spiritual advice or vocational direction if he was asked to do so. He never charged for his services and he never made any public display of his powers. He did not seek any publicity. He was once arrested in New York on falsified charges of "fortune telling" and he was deeply embarrassed and humiliated over the incident. He did not seek nor receive wealth. He always felt that God would provide for him and his family and his followers.

Edgar Cayce also made several prophesies, many of which have already come true. He accurately predicted World War I and World War II, specifying the years that both began and ended. Hitler's rise was foretold. He predicted racial disharmony in the United States and the death of John F. Kennedy, among many other of his "sleeping visions."

His list of accurate predictions is remarkable and one can only surmise that many of his predictions for the future will eventually become true also.

Reincarnation, the living of many lives, and the Universal Power or God were continuing themes in Cayce's beliefs and predictions. His belief in the Bible was unwavering during his lifetime and he was convinced that many answers, subject to proper interpretation, were contained in his favorite book.

Edgar Cayce moved his family to Virginia Beach, Virginia, where he felt divinely inspired to live. His long time dream of a hospital where he could implement the kind of treatments that he prescribed came true in the late 1920's. It was a 30-bed hospital on a high sand dune. It is no longer in operation, but it still stands.

Edgar Cayce died in Virginia Beach on January 3, 1945. His beloved wife Gertrude followed him in death three months later and was laid to rest beside him in the family plot in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

In 1931, the Association of Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) in Virginia Beach was founded to preserve the readings and prophecies of Edgar Cayce. It contains the legacy of Edgar Cayce -- documentation of thousands Edgar Cayce's readings and predictions, as well as educational activities, conferences, programs on holistic health, dreams, reincarnation and psychic and spiritual enlightenment. Its motto is one of Edgar Cayce's beliefs: "Make the world a better place because you have lived in it."

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