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Posted: Fri Apr 10, 2008

Crystallomancy or crystal ball reading is the technique of foretelling the future by gazing into a crystal. This process of seeing is also called as scrying whereby images are seen in crystals or other mediums such as water and fire as well. This information which is foretold can be used to make important decisions regarding one’s life, finances, love, marriage, business, health, travel and more. When the technique of scrying is done through the medium of crystals it is referred to as crystal grazing or crystallomancy.

When you think of crystal grazing the popular image of a gypsy woman wearing a head scarf and gazing into a huge crystal ball, predicting the future for clients comes to the mind instantly and many people who can afford this crystal ball have themselves tried to use this method themselves. There are many books on crystal gazing which tell you that the ball used for crystal gazing must be spherical in shape without a flat base and supported in a metal or wood stand. It should generally be made from natural crystalline stone such as amethyst, quartz, calcite, beryl or obsidian and must display the natural coloring and structure of the mineral from which it was made. If the crystal is made from glass it should be free from air bubbles and the crystal gazing needs to be done in dimly lit room which is quiet so as to promote visions and allow the person gazing to get into a state of trance.

Some people claim the origination of the visions to be a supernatural mystical insight while others claim the visions to arise out of their subconscious mind. Crystals have an esoteric quality about them and they vibrate with power. Many people feel these vibrations when they close their eyes especially when they hold the crystal in their left hand which is said to spiritually connect to their heart. Different types of crystals have different healing powers such as an amethyst is said to have spiritual powers, a bloodstone relieves depression, a jasper enhances earthy love and family feelings, a moss agate relieves anxiety and stress, a quartz heals, protects, gives peace and happiness and an agate enhances feminity and softness.


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