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Cheiromancy or the science of Palmistry has been looked at by many with skepticism and disdain. This was a result of the misuse of this practice by many quacks or fraudulent people who led many people astray. However this is a science which can be perfected with a deep study of the principles underlying this subject. The subject does not merely cover the study of the various lines appearing on the palm but involves a detailed study of the shape, structure, size and texture of the palm on which the lines are read as well.

Palmistry can tell us about our life, career, health, future prospects and a lot more details depending on the lines on our palm. This science is based on our physical health because our mental outlook and attitude depend on our health and the way our brain works affects the nerves in our hand thus influencing the conditions and patterns of our hand. Thus changes in our mental outlook can change the size or color of the lines though the basic pattern or direction of the lines cannot be changed. This shows that to a certain extent we can make changes in our life but the basic guidance can be given through predictions made through palmistry.

Divisions of the palm – the palm is divided mainly into four sections and the four main lines of the hand include the line of fate, the line of head, the line of life and the line of health. The length and clarity of the lines without any breakages indicate a smooth and simple life without obstacles. But breakages and indentations or spots on these lines could indicate some problems. There are several mounts on the hand which require a deep study as well, such as the mount of Venus, the mount of mars, the mount of Jupiter and more.

Texture and composition of the Hand – the texture of a persons hand tells you about the temperament about the person such as a person with smooth hands will have a calm and unruffled temperament as against a person with rough hands who can be more coarse or earthy in temperament. A person with many lines on the hand can be said to be fretful or of a worrisome nature. People with firm hands show energy and drive which is vital for success, whereas people with bony and tough hands show the opposite.

Colors of the lines and flesh – A person with a red hand will be passionate and vivacious in nature, and people with red line of life will have a robust health with an active nature. However a red line of heart will indicate heartfelt emotion and a highly passionate person. A person with a yellow colored hand will show melancholy and depression. People with pink hands show healthy, enthusiastic and friendly natures. This is the best color to have as it shows a balanced personality. People with white hands are egotistical and selfish and lack sympathy for others. It is also a symbol of ill health and weakness. A person with a dark or back line denotes vengeance, hatred or graveness.

Qualities of the lines – a deep well cut line shows the influence of that particular line over the person’s life. A thin line of life would show weakness of constitution and a thin line of fate would show little direction in life. A broad and shallow line also denotes weakness, and the best line would be a normal line which is straight, firm and pink in color. There are other smaller lines of chance and influence which rise and fall and appear on the palm during one’s lifetime.


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