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Postby Jemm » Wed Sep 28, 2011 6:09 pm

Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2009

Developed and evolved over millions of years, your body is a most sophisticated and sensitive instrument. It has an innate intelligence that sidesteps the distorted filters of the rational mind, directly connected to the primitive, energetic, instinctual, subconscious self. One way to access and communicate with this innate wisdom is to "Dowse" for it.

"Dowsing" is an old and traditional technique. Documented records going as far back as the middle ages show dowsers using a "Y" shaped cut stick called a "witching rod" (hence the origin of the term "Witch" = one who uses a witching rod). In ancient times, knowledge of dowsing (not something i think the Churches would have approved of) must have been keep as a closely guarded "trade" secret by the guilds. Today, there are geologists (and others) who use it as a very effective tool for finding water, coal, oil and precious metals (among other things). "Dowsers" have traditionally used the "witching" or "dowsing rods", but there are other methods that work just as effectively.

Programming In
The first thing one must do to effectively dowse is to "program" or "command" your body-mind to give you a readable "yes" and "no" response/signal. There are some parts of your body that may be more receptive to this programming than others, but you will have to test this out for yourself. Let me suggest you start by using your head... you already do this to some extent, but program it in consciously. Here is what I mean: say to yourself (out loud, with conviction and intention)...
"I command my body-mind to indicate"
a “Yes” answer is when my head moves up and down...
a “No” answer is when my head moves side to side.

Ask yourself a question you clearly know the answer is a "Yes". Respond by moving your head up and down - help it along a bit at first (called “priming the pump” so to speak). For a "No" answer, do this same thing except move your head from head side to side. Do this enough, and the body-mind will get the idea and do it automatically (like driving a car or walking). However you do this, be very consistent in how you program your body-mind. Once you program yourself in one way, don't change it - if you program in to many conflicting commands, this will give you conflicting readings. If you do not feel the signals using your head, you may get a better response by using your arm, hand or finger. Some people may even receive the signals better in their solar plexus or heart (with particular sensations or feelings indicating a yes or no answer).

Negative Programing - Habits
If you want the ringing of a bell to mean "time to eat", and you program that in... every time you hear a bell ring (like "Pavlovs dog") your subconscious is going to tell you it's "time to eat". And if when you do hear a bell and do start eating, the more you repeat that behavior, the more that signal is going to get reinforced with more and more of your intentional mind power and life energy. This is how habits are formed from our programing... especially when they are linked to an external stimulant. So its important to be careful what you program in or "wish for" - it may come true.

A good example of this is smoking. Besides it being full of addictive drugs, smoking is an even more powerful habit due to the added reinforcements of seeing its behavior viscerally linked to so many sexy, glamourous, powerful and successful people on the silver screen... and on the flip side, we see those very same people use smoking as a coping mechanism (they really have you poor smokers coming and going - getting you to smoke when you are feeling good and smoke when you are feeling bad !). The subconscious is a powerful part of us that can be easily programed in these and so many other ways... not just by us, but also by a variety of outside influences (can you say "conspiracy"?). Breaking the links one has to such counterproductive self destructive programing is very difficult, but it can be done. when they are stressed out and feel powerless

From Spirits' point of view, any time a behavior is not coming from the "inner self" but from repetition of the mind, it is a self limiting habit that keeps one in bondage, that keeps one in a box. Spirits goal with us is that we live in and exercise freedom of choice in the eternal spontaneous NOW, free of any past mental programing, conditioning or baggage... that we act in the moment as if it was the first day, even the very first moment of our lives. In the context of dowsing, Spirit allows us this tool to access a deeper level of knowledge so that we may find guidance and direction on our spiritual path. But if we do not use these tools wisely, or we corrupt them with our ego-minds, they may become harmful to us and generate even more negative programing with each use. If thise happens, Spirit may from time to time shut off your ability to receive in this way, or give you conflicting answers that just don't make any sense. Don't worry.... if this happens, it's all part of the higher plan to free you. Such tools are helpful, but if they stand in the way of us going deeper, they become an impediment or bondage, rather than an aid to our liberation. In this case, I would suggest a course of healings to help clear and move you beyond this stage.


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Re: Dowsing

Postby white wolf » Tue Feb 28, 2012 1:13 pm

I always take a pendulum on investigation with me and some L rods ,i like to know where lay lines are especially regarding churches etc .


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