How To Post a Photo

Just what it says, how to add things to your post, such as photos and videos.
Please post all queries on site use to this area.
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How To Post a Photo

Postby Jemm » Tue Sep 20, 2011 2:04 pm

We highly recommend using photo uploaders such as
that way you will have the image code which can be posted directly to your message.

An alternative is ...
*1 when you have opened "new topic" or "post a reply" scroll to the bottom of the page..

*2 In a white box you will see CHOOSE on that
it will open your documents on your PC

*3 choose the pic you OPEN on YOUR PC..
this will insert the photo file in the white box on here...

*4 Directly underneath the white box you with see to the right..ADD THE FILE click on that.
your photo will be uploaded.

*5 BEFORE clicking the SUBMIT tab ALWAYS check your work by clicking the PREVIEW tab located to
the left of the submit button..if its what you want then proceed to SUBMIT.


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