Chakra Tune Up Exercises

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Chakra Tune Up Exercises

Postby Dellycat » Fri Sep 30, 2011 7:05 pm

This is my own personal exercise I use.

Find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed, I like to do this outside and connect with nature, drawing off the earths warm energies.

Visualize each Chakra, I start with the Soulstar, located 1 foot above your head and work down. Some prefer to start with the Earthstar located one foot below your feet and work their way up.
So visualize each chakra as like a pin wheel, there is a filter on the front and back which keeps out unwanted energies but draws in good life forces.
Open each Chakra and spin it as you work your way down (or up if you prefer) the line along your spinal column. See the colors as they spin, radiating color outward on one side and drawing color in on the other. Spin it, let the colors flow, know that the energy forces are at work and then lock it into place, quick and tight. I visualize it making a click as is locks.

Keep in mind there are varied ways of doing this and what works for you personally is the way that you should do it.

There are also secondary and other colors involved when you get into different levels etc but I will just work with the primary colors to explain this exercise.

Do this for each one
Open it, spin it, allow the colors to flow in and out, taking out the bad, drawing in the good and then lock it.

Soulstar- Silvery white - located 1 foot about your head

Transpersonal- white with turquoise- located 3-4 inches above your head

Crown –Violet –located at the top of your head

Brow- Indigo (purpley blue) located above your eyes

Throat – Blue- located at your throat

Heart-Green- located at your chest

Solar Plexus- Yellow –located just above your navel

Sacral- Orange- located a bit under your navel

Root- Red – located at your tail bone

Earthstar –Brown, or any earth tone- located 1 foot below your feet.

Once you have spun them all and locked them you must simultaneously visualize your soulstar and earthstar spinning at the same time, lock them in place and tighten them at the same time using a slight upward pull on the soulstar and down ward pull on the earthstar as you tighten and lock bringing all others in between to form in a straight, tight, vertical line.

Putting your chakras back into balance will give you a sense of all over well being and allow for good healing.


Here is a site with some other ways

Chakra and Aura Tune Up

There are many meditations and procedures for opening balancing aligning and healing your chakra and energy body
There is an automatic remote healing chakra balancing and healing energy set which can be called in by intention. For a quick Tune-up (chakra and aura clearing and balancing) You can ask to bring in this set of energies by requesting it and intending to receive it, if it is in accord with your highest good. It is easier to receive this tune up if you are in a quiet meditative state it usually runs from five to ten minutes.

Focus attention on each of your chakras in turn, to open, clear align and balance them, and to vitalize the parts of the aura that each chakra governs. Imagine the colored light filling all appropriate parts of your being.

Visualize or imagine all of your chakra filled with light and functioning well.
Intend that the chakra vortex (cones) are locked into your central channel and that energy flows freely throughout your entire system.

Your chakras line up in a straight row one above the other. They have a fine filter in front of each chakra at the front and back which keeps out unwanted energies while permitting full flow of the Universal life force. Envision all your chakras working well and harmoniously together.

There are many musical pieces for promoting Chakra balancing and health you can also use a musical instrument or tone for and effective tune up. Sound the note or tone while intending to balance the chakra.
Chakra Notes
Root- C Sacral - D Solar Plexus - E Heart - F Throat - G Third Eye - A Crown - B

Amethyst balance
You need a partner to help with this
The person who is getting chakra balancing sits on the floor, cross legged.
Put 7 amethyst crystals in a circle around the receiving person
Stand behind them with another amethyst crystal in your hand and make a counterclock wise movement several times around the person, and then do it clockwise.
This balances the chakras (Quartz can be used)

One way of doing chakra healing is to meditate on or look at a color field of the appropriate color here are a few links for color fields for use in color healing, meditations and chakra balancing .
You can meditate or mentally focus on each chakra in turn seeing it infused with the color associated with the chakra imagine the chakra open and pulsing spinning see it clear and bright.

Go to this site to open the color fields below

Rainbow spectrum panel color field

color field gradient for healing and chakra workspectrum plus white and rose

These color fields are made from gemstone photographs.
Color Field for Meditation on red Red Jasper
Color Field for Meditation on orange Carnelian

Color Field for meditation on yellow Tigers Eye
Color Field for meditation on green Green Turquoise

Color Field for Meditation on blue green Amazonite
Color Field for meditation on indigo Lapis Lazuli
Color field for meditation on violet Amethyst
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