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Reiki Crystals

Postby Dellycat » Tue Sep 27, 2011 6:13 pm

Posted: Mon Mar 16, 2009 5:20 am

Crystals, precious stones, and similar elements have long been used throughout time in curing diseases.
Many believe that crystals contain energy that can be very helpful in the balancing process of the mind and spirit. And when used with the Reiki technique, it could definitely compound your power of healing and speed up the entire treatment procedure.

While there are many types of crystals known to man, there are at least three of them that are very useful in Reiki. Such crystals are rose quartz, rock crystal, and amethyst.

The inherent traits of these crystals are very different from each other. Yet, they complement one another and are able to bring forward the desired effect in a Reiki session.

Rock Crystal
Rock crystal represents the real quality of light. Also referred as an ordinary crystal, this one is supposed to be held on one hand of the patient. Or he can use both of his hands to hold the stone while the practitioner is performing the necessary Reiki meditation. The energy coming from the crystal will emanate into the palms and spread towards the entire body.

This crystal is very effective in treating wounds and dysfunctions of the vital organs. It can lead the receiver towards relaxation as well. As such, it can be used against stress, depression, and anxiety.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz holds the energy of love. By using this crystal, it becomes easier for a person to accept truth and be more open to the vibrations of love and acceptance.

The rose quartz is a pink crystal. It is commonly used to treat emotional problems. Practically, it is used to shut out wrongful desires, eliminate the effects of trauma, or relieve the stresses caused by separation.

The amethyst has the ability to open up one's Third Eye.
By using this crystal, a person's power of realization is activated. When placed right at the center of the forehead, this crystal can facilitate a clear vision. It is also very effective in reducing fear and tension.

Other Useful Crystals
There are a lot of other crystals that can be used for Reiki. A person's seven chakras or energy points are associated to a certain color. To achieve balance in these areas, the use of crystals that match the color of the deficient energy point is encouraged.

The crown chakra is associated to white. Therefore, a clear quartz crystal is required to balance it. As implied earlier, amethyst is the type of crystal best used on the Third Eye chakra, which is located on the forehead.

For the throat area, an aquamarine is more preferred. The rose quartz is mainly used for the Heart Chakra. The Solar Plexus Chakra benefits from either peridot or moonstone. The chakra of the abdominal area, which is the Sacral Chakra, can be energized using citrine or tiger's eye.

And lastly, the chakra situated around the pelvic area, or the Base Chakra, is best activated by onyx, ruby, or the black tourmaline crystals.

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