Charging and Programming

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Charging and Programming

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Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2009 3:41 am

Charging Crystals/Gemstones

Charging is a method used to give back energies to the crystal/gemstone.Crystals, are beings of energy and like people, they too need to be replenished.Where as we imbibe in food and sleep to recharge our batteries, crystals need to absorb energies from Nature in order to stay alive and healthy, and to continue to remain effective and provide us with their special properties.Below is a list of various methods of how to charge crystals/gemstones.

Methods on Charging you Crystal/Gemstone

Place the crystal upon a large cluster for a period of approximately 2 to 7 days.An amethyst cluster is great!!! I use mine all the time.
Place the crystal in direct sunlight for a period of 2 to 7 days.Doing this at times of the equinoxes and/or solstices is especially great as the energies are much more charged.
Place the crystal in the period of the full moon - usually 2 days prior, during and 2 days after the peak.As with the sun - doing this at times of the equinoxes and/or solstices is a period when the energies are highly potent.
Place the crystal in the centre of a circle where the circle is comprised of other crystals, whose terminations and points all point to the centre.
Place the crystal in the earth, or the soil of a pot plant if you don't have a garden, and allow it to remain there for a period of 2 to 7 days.This will allow the Energies from Mother Earth to charge it directly - and your plants will love it as well.
Place the crystal in the centre of a sacred circle, such as a meditation circle or power circle used for magickal rituals etc.

Programming Crystals & Gemstones

Introduction to Progamming Crystals

Programming a crystal is a means of initiating the crystal to perform specific tasks which will be explained in more detail as we go along.Firstly however - prior to any programming it is recommended that the crystal be pre-programmed to allow for greater effect.

To pre-program a crystal, program the crystal to receive Divine Will and for protection in the Light.This is to actualise the crystal to the highest vibrations and for the good of all.Crystals, after all, are not to be used for tools of negativity.This is done by using thought forms directed at the crystal.

The best crystals to use for programming are clear quartz crystals.Some people state that these are the only crystals that can be programmed however I disagree with that.I do agree however, that quartz crystal is extremely receptive to programming and tend to be more potent.

What is Programming a Crystal and How does it Work?

Programming a crystal as stated above it to initiate the crystal to perform specific tasks - these can be for healing, storing information, used for meditation to attain higher states of consciousness and so forth.Programming is an extention of your consciousness, a template of crystalline structure that holds desired energy patters.

The main essence in pogramming crystals, is in the formulation of thought forms, which are consciously directed into the crystalline structure or matrix of the crystal.These thought forms must be highly focused and with clear intent.The crystals, which are highly receptive, then alters it's own properties to take in the new vibrational energy to the specific imprint being directed to it.Your thought form is like a holographic image that is imprinted into the crystal from your being, altering is sub-atomic energy levels so that it resonates to the image you have imprinted for it to perform.

Programmed crystals then become tools and become extentions of your sub/consciousness.After repeated use the crystal and yourself will gain a closer and stronger link with each other so that it's effects become far greater.

The 2 Main Categories of Programming

There are 2 main cateogries of programming crystals.These are Inspired or Spiritual Programming and Personality/Earth Based Programming.

Inpired Programming is where crystals are programmed to aid in gaining higher levels of awareness and for higher evolutionary interests, such as in Meditation programs or to gain access to channels to acquire information from higher beings such as Angels, Guardians, Guides etc.

Personality Programming is for programs that aid in more physical based and ego related intentions, such as personal desires of wealth etc.These are not highly recommended, and the person must be aware of the laws of cause and effect and that the intentions should be for the greater good, otherwise blockages in one's spiritual process may occur.

How to Program a Crystal

The simplest method is from the act of holding the crystal and focusing your intent (thought form) into the crytsal for a specific use.

However, for clearer definition, below is a step by step procedure which is a little more detailed in how to program your crystal.

Firstly, formulate a clear and precise thought form, image, phrase etc that accurately describes the type of program you wish to impart to the crystal.This MUST be clear and accurate! It could be for a specific healing, protection, aquiring a channel to higher beings, meditation, etc.What ever you decide - it must be clear in your mind.If need be - write it down in a short concise phrase and have it with you so that it aids in your concentration.
Have your crystal of choice which has been cleansed and charged ready.
Then, find yourself a place where you will not be disturbed and get yourself comfortable.
Hold the crystal in your power hand.(Clasp your hands together - which ever hand has the thumb resting on top is the power hand).
Relax and let yourself get into a pre-meditative state, becoming centered and connecting to your higher self.Initiate breathing and feel your body realxing and fully centered.See yourself surrounded by a white loving light.
Ask for guidance, protection and assistance in the programming process from your guides etc.Feel yourself becoming open and receptive to all aid.
With your clear intent, say the phrase you chose repeatedly, and/or continue to hold in your mind, the image of your intent.Remain focused and feel the program entering into the crystalline structure through your hand.Feel the energy of the crystal, alter and increase with the continued concentration of your intent.
Keep directing this energy field, thought form into the crystal for a period until you intuitively feel that the signal has been transmitted completely.Allow your intutition to guide you!
Thank those who may have assisted you in this process, and begin to return to full consciousness.
Detach consciousness from the crystal and allow the universal energies to act.

Your crystal is now programmed! Use and enjoy!!

How do I de-program crystals that I have programmed?

This is simply a matter of following the same procedures above, for programming a crystal, in which you program it to delete the previous program.A phrase that could be used for when doing this, could simply be "Wipe All".During the visualisation process - visualise that the program is leaving the crystal and the energies are returning to the Original Source.

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