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Crystal Description List

Postby Jemm » Fri Oct 07, 2011 5:27 pm

Crystal Description List

Posted: Mon Oct 20, 2008

ABALONE: strengthening muscular tissue, especially around heart, treatment of spinal degeneration diseases.

AGATE: improve natural vitality, increase self-confidence;give instant bursts of energy; balance emotions, calm body, mind and feelings; general healing, reduce fever, harden tender gums, give courage, powers of eloquence; good health and good fortune.

AMAZONITE: soothe nervous system, give relief from suffering from emotional disturbances; helps with metabolism and growth; .helps express oneself more clearly; regulates and improves thinking abilities.

AMBER: throat infections, bronchial disorders, asthma, convulsions, rheumatism, intestinal disorders, earache, bladder trouble, nerves. bone-marrow deficiencies; calms, absorb negative energy, help body heal itself; make, break spells; helps with depression.

AMETHYST: spiritual- general healing. meditation; promote intuitive dreams, inspired thought, relieve insomnia, bring serenity in times of grief; clear, purify, help with addiction, stress or tension; protect against blood disease, toxic effects of substance use, acne, neuralgia and fits; soothe and calm mind, raise spirit, rebalance and increase intuitive awareness.

AMMONITE (fossilized animal): give stability and structure to one’s life; alleviate burdens of birthing process and post-partem depression; ease of relaxation; disorders of lungs and limbs.

AQUAMARINE: problems of eyes, liver, throat, stomach, nerves, glands; toothache, improve sight; preserves innocence; quicken intellect, increase self-knowledge; promote clear, logical thinking; "good luck" charm.

AVENTURINE: relieve migraine, soothe eyes, skin irritations; help relax to sleep; relieve tension and shock, improve vitality, equalize blood pressure; encourage creativity, give courage, independence, calmness, serenity; give luck in love and sport.

BLOODSTONE: overcome depression, melancholia, suffering from psychosomatic illness & pains; purifier of blood, general detoxifier, particularly of liver, kidneys and spleen; provide vitality, strengthen idealism; increase one’s talent, balance chakras.

BLUE-LACE AGATE: calming; helps expression; provide cool, soothing energy, neutralizing red energies.

BOTSWANA AGATE: stimulate exploration of unknown, quest toward enlightened state; encourage conscientiousness and vigilance; treat nervous system disorders,rid of toxins; reduces depression and stress.

CALCITE (Gold): golden healing ray; gives comfort, cheers depression. Good for most of what ails you!

(Green): kidneys, spleen and pancreas, remove toxins, alleviate mental fear; aid mental clarity, calm anxiety & turbulent energies; expand awareness, aid intuition; good undertaking mental change.

(Orange): gall bladder, improves physical energy, also expands awareness etc. as above.

(Optical): eyesight; spiritual understanding to challenging situations; helps regression.

CARNELIAN: ease menstrual stomach cramps; strengthen voice; rheumatism and arthritis, depression, neuralgia; aid sense of touch; used for infertility & impotence; alleviate blood poisoning, fever, infection, nose bleeds; sores, spasms and wounds; protect from evil, elevate spirits, ground energies, assist concentration and mental focus.

CHALCOPYRITE (Peacock): cheer those with constant worries. Also improves prosperity consciousness.

CHRYSOCOLLA: revitalize; relieve nervous tension, emotional congestion, ulcer, stomach problems; balance blood sugar, strengthen legs, arms, back, abdomen; increase breathing capabilities; balance, cleanse negativity.

CITRINE: control emotions, work with relationships & self-knowledge; attract self-worth, dissolve emotional blocks, induce dreams; beneficial for poor circulation, strengthen immune system, tissue regeneration, ease toxic conditions in endocrine & digestive systems; aid diabetes and depression; activate mental powers, clarify thought; improve self-image, confidence; improve quality of life; reduce harmful effect of electrical products.

DIAMOND: master healer, extremely powerful in removing blockages and emotional negativity.

EMERALD: Improve intellect & eloquence, memory; help tired eyes, insomnia; give power to see future, grant success in business; emotional stabilizer; govern awareness of emotion by others; open heart to love, peace, healing.

FLUORITE: brings spiritual into material, quicken enlightenment; ground, balance & focus energies; absorb, alter negative energy; aid physical, mental healing; strengthen bone; relieve dental disease, pneumonia, viral inflammation.

GALENA: strengthen lungs, thyroid, nervous system; protect against depression, skin diseases; promote self-confidence.

GARNET: general tonic; regenerate, revitalize, strengthen blood; protect against infection, depression, skin disease; improve self-respect,.self-confidence, pride, success, increase courage dealing with change; improve imagination.

HEMATITE: improve blood disorders, help coagulation; reduce stressful effects of air travel, insomnia; enhance astral projection, promote balance, focus, convergence, concentration of energy;increase courage and strengthen the heart.

HERKIMER DIAMOND: release stress, tension; boost power of other crystals by using to close circuit, particularly effective with Boji stones.

HOWLITE (Magnetite): stimulate endocrine system; improve blood circulation;aid in meditation.

IRON PYRITES:.aid digestive system of abdomen, upper intestinal tract; ease anxiety, depression, frustration, false hope; strengthen astral body; open mind to new ideas, stimulate intellect, link left & right hemispheres of brain facilitating communication between logic and emotion; promote analysis, creativity, psychic development, memory, channeling activities, strength of will; increase the oxygen supply in the blood, to strengthen the circulatory system in general, useful in clearing congested air passages.

JADE: relieve kidney complaints, bladder trouble, eye problems; aid poor digestion; protect from enemies and on long journeys; attract good luck, wisdom, long life and peaceful death; help to control dream content or focus; talisman to attract good fortune, friendship and loyalty.

JASPER: invigorating, stabilizing, bring stillness to troubled mind; generate even rhythmic pulse;improve sense of smell, overcome depression; control excessive bleeding, useful in overcoming disorders of the blood;

Digestion, stomach problems, biliousness and bladder trouble; protect from witchcraft, soothe nerves.

JET: prevent deep depression, quiets fear, grieving; protect from violence & illness; control and ease migraine and pain behind the eyes.

KYANITE: stimulate flow of energy, or on chakra centers to clear blockages; recall past lives when placed on third eye; augment channeling, altered states, vivid dreams, clear visualization, loyalty, honor, serenity; can make incisions in auric field; cut thru layers of mental misconceptions, create lines of energy for new thought.

LABRADORITE: protect aura and keep clear, balanced, protected, free from energy leaks; facilitate transformation of intuition into intellectual thought; provide clarity to inner sight; unite personal self with understanding to realize & achieve destiny of this life; relieve insecurity, apprehension; treat brain disorders, stimulate mental acuity, reduce anxiety and stress; assists in digestion, regulation and metabolism.

LAPIS LAZULI: ancient Egyptians called it "The Stone of Heaven", thought by many to be the stone upon which laws given to Moses were carved; prevent fits and epilepsy, improve eyesight; help heart and spleen, protect against strokes, helps depression; helps acquire wisdom & truth; symbol of power, mental and spiritual cleanser; assist psychic development, mental stability; give hope, self awareness, help one face one’s shadow-self; stone of friendship; cut through superficialities to find inner truth; aura cleanser.

MAGNETITE: stimulate endocrine system; improve blood circulation; helps in meditation.

MALACHITE: treat rheumatism, regularize menstruation; treat asthma, toothache; improve eyesight; raise spirits, increase hope, health, happiness; attract physical & material benefits, bring prosperity; remove mental blockages hindering spiritual growth; relieve congestion in body, help confusion & lack of purpose, insecurity.

MARCASITE: gentle physical strengthener; more able to cope with any problems and difficulties.

MOLDAVITE: ease epilepsy, brain imbalances & malfunctions, autism, excessive sensitivity; assist conscious communication with star-seed sources, healing balm for longing and yearning to "go home"; helps one understand one’s true purpose in life; a stone for transformation.

MOONSTONE: promote long life, happiness; attract friendship & loyalty; mediator between mind and emotions; allows peace of mind, accessibility to one’s inner self; soothe, balance emotion; reduce excess fluid and swelling; pms; gives inspiration, encourages personal attachments; obtain love, romance and sensitivity.

MOSS AGATE: cleanse emotional body, release anger and frustration; improve ego, self-esteem, lead toward agreeability, persuasiveness & strength in all endeavors; allows one to see beauty; aids in acquisition of riches; treatment of dehydration and eye disorders, stimulate digestion and elimination of toxins.

OBSIDIAN: reflection of flaws, promotion of clear picture of necessary changes; focusing ones inner lse, influence is reversed; sorry stone for the faithless

PERIDOT: cure for insomnia, aid digestion, placate nervous system, improve bruised eyes; cleanse & heal hurt feelings, help mend damaged relationship; attract occult powers to user; develop inner vision; ; counteract negativity, open the mind; heals physical body, reduce fever; treat emotional states, anger, jealousy.

PETRIFIED WOOD: restores physical energy; helps hip and back problems; aids past-life recall.

QUARTZ CRYSTAL: attract powers of light and energy, powerful general healer, dynamic working tool on all levels-strengthening, cleansing, protecting; purify air; protect against harmful electrical vibrations; assist wearer to think intuitively; amplify, transmit subtle vibrations; symbol of elemental wholeness, contains four elements of creation; assist development & integration of entire being; assist to amplify, focus, direct, transmit and store energy; aid opening psychic centers, enable ability to meditate at deeper level, free mind from mundane and trivia; release the higher consciousness, develop mystical and spiritual gifts.

RHODOCHROSITE: prevent mental breakdown, balance physical & emotional traumas; improve eyesight, kidney, pancreas and spleen; inspire forgiveness, heal emotional scars, attract love; help face reality and new situations; assist integration of physical, mental and emotional fields.

RHODONITE: restore physical energy (especially following trauma or shock); strengthen inner ear, improve hearing; aid vitamin absorption; increase language skills, raise self-esteem; help maintain loving state in everyday life by bolstering one’s resolve not to give in without one having to be aggressive or non-loving.

ROSE QUARTZ: treat migraines and headaches; calm emotions, help suffering due to emotional trauma, heal wounds of neglect, give inner peace; stimulate imagination and intellect, open up heart to inner peace, self love, self recognition; heal internal wounds, bitterness, sorrow; promote forgiveness, love, friendship; makes one more receptive to beauty, hastens recovery and gladdens the heart; the Venus - or love - stone.

RUBY: aid intuitive thinking, increase level of energy, divine creativity; alleviate disorders of blood, anemia, poor circulation, menstrual problems; treat rheumatism, arthritis; improve fever, pain, spasms; alleviate worries, lift spirits, improve confidence, intuition, spiritual wisdom, energy, courage; encourage self-nurturing.

SAPPHIRE: help bleeding, insomnia, nervousness; friendship, love, attract good influences; give the wearer devotion, faith, imagination and pace of mind.

SELENITE: calm, clear troubled mind, used in personal meditation & visualization; stabilize emotions, bring them under calm control; natural environmental record keeper; clarify innermost thought, expand mental power; powerful healing stones; used in past-life recall & regression therapy; used in any healing treatment but should only be used by a qualified crystal healing therapist able to handle & direct powerful energies properly.

SMOKEY QUARTZ: disperse negative patterns and vibrations, transmits high quantity of light; good luck talisman; protect soldiers; improve abdomen, kidneys, pancreas, sexual organs; increase energy fertility; encourage survival instincts; stimulate, purify energy center; ground, stabilize energies; lift depression, replaces negative energies with positive ones.

SNOW QUARTZ: strengthen immune system; used in meditation; gives serenity, power of contemplation.

SODALITE: good for oversensitive, defensive people, improve courage, endurance; balance and still mind, clear rigid thought patterns; aid logical, rational thought, intellect, widen perspective; lower blood pressure, balance metabolism; aid sleep.

SUGILITE: Flows from crown to base chakra; aid forgivenness; eliminate hostility; facilitate manifestation of energy of spiritual love on Earth plane; meditation stone; restore balance to pineal, pituitary, left and right brain hemispheres; improve autism, dyslexia, epilepsy, physical coordination problems, visual problems, spiritual problems; remedy for headaches.

SULPHUR: remove negative willfulness, produce grounding of reasoning faculties; promote energy; treat disorders of infections, eliminate fibrous and tissue growths and alleviate painful joints and reduce swelling.

TEKTITE: balance feminine and masculine, stimulate natural order of growth, development, completion; encourage gathering of knowledge; promote inner strength; strengthen energy field; provide thought transmission between physical realm and location of origin of stone; treat fevers, reduce transmission of disorders, stimulate balance in circulation.

TIGERS EYE: counteract hypochondria & onset of psychosomatic illness, give self-confidence; good for clear thinking, help to see problem objectively when confused, emotionally affected; release tension, develop will-power; good for asthma; help gain insight into faults; good for protection from evil; good luck.

TOPAZ: overcome stress, soothe nerves, help achieve deeper sleep; good for colds, flu; strengthen blood vessels, improve circulation, varicose veins, sense of taste; good for liver trouble; improve intellect, develops psychic abilities, calms both mind and body.

TOURMALINE: (General) prevent lymphatic disease; balance, protect, calm, give self-confidence, cheerfulness; used in meditation; attract inspiration, goodwill, friendship; protect wearer against misfortune and anemia; ground high-frequency energies into the physicality.

TRILOBITE: pomote leadership, management skills; assist development of patience, strength, perseverance; treat eye disorders and assist in amelioration of fading eyesight, brittle bones, skin eruptions and goiter.

TURQUOISE: help ability to express oneself, verbalize freely; good for laryngitis, nervousness in speech; strengthen entire anatomy, improve diseases; shield wearer from harmful influences, attracts friendship; used in meditation; development of intuition; brings wisdom.

TURRITELLA AGATE: used to dispel pomposity; provides for opening of communication channels between plant and mineral world; helps one through transition; treatment of fatigue, soothes stomach.

CHALCOPYRITE (Peacock): cheer those with constant worries. Also improves prosperity consciousness.

CHRYSOCOLLA: revitalize; relieve nervous tension, emotional congestion, ulcer, stomach problems; balance blood sugar, strengthen legs, arms, back, abdomen; increase breathing capabilities; balance, cleanse negativity.

More info on crystals

Healing properties -

Emotional - Agates are grounding stones which bring about emotional and physical balance. They centre and stabilize physical energy, and gradually work to build self acceptance and confidence. Agate encourages inner honesty and is useful for overcoming trauma and negativity.

Physical - Agate can assist in healing stomach and digestive disorders, strengthen blood vessels and eyes, speed up healing from bruising and sprains, cleanse the lymphatic system.

Healing qualities -

Emotional - Amethyst opens spiritual awareness, aids creative thinking, and promotes spiritual insight and wisdom. It has the ability to both calm or stimulate the mind as needed. It can dispel anxiety, anger and fear, and relieve pain caused by loss or grief.

Physical - Amethyst can ease headaches, remove intestinal parasites, heal lung and respiratory disorders, and help with insomnia. It also has the ability to ward off psychic attacks, and block geopathic stress and negative energy.

Healing properties -

Emotional -The entwined powers of amethyst and citrine bring insight into the cause of long standing illnesses, and are fast healers. Ametrine clears stress and tension, and is a good tool for meditation and astral travel, and it relieves psychic attack. It unites masculine and feminine energies, and it diminishes prejudices and promotes acceptance of others.

Physical - Ametrine is an exceptional cleanser that can rid toxins from the body and cleanse the blood. And a powerful energiser that can strengthen the immune system and heal chronic fatigue syndrome. It assists with any stress related illness such as depression, tension headaches, gastric disturbances and ulcers.

Healing properties -

Emotional - Aventurine calms anxiety and fear, and stabilizes ones state of mind. It promotes compassion and encourages perseverance. Reinforces decisiveness and amplifies leadership qualities. It balances male-female energy, calms anger, and enables the ability to live with ones self.

Physical - Aventurine can relieve stammers and benefit the nervous system. Its\' anti-inflammatory properties can relieve migraines, sinusitis, and skin eruptions. It can balance blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and prevent heart attacks. It also diffuses negative energy and absorbs electromagnetic smog.

Healing qualities-

Emotional - Aquamarine is a warm hearted stone which has the ability to pacify nerves, banish phobias, and ensure calm and tranquility. It can clarify the mind and sharpen the intellect. It clears blocked communication, and used in meditation can invoke a higher state of consciousness and spiritual awareness. It can open clairvoyance.

Physical - Aquamarine can regulate the thyroid, reduce swollen glands and sore throats, counteract long or short sightedness, regulate flaws in the immune system such as hay fever.

Healing properties -

Emotional - Blue Lace Agate is a soft calming stone which brings peace and stills the mind. It will nurture and support, and neutralize anger. It dissolves feelings of repression caused by judgment and rejection, and reduces feelings of emotional suffocation.

Physical - Blue Lace Agate is powerful for unblocking the nervous system, and is particularly good for healing the throat. It treats lymphatic infections and thyroid deficiencies, and can release shoulder and neck pain brought about by blocked self expression. It is also beneficial for bones and aids the healing of fractures, bone deformity, and arthritis

Healing properties -

Emotional - Carnelian is a grounding and balancing stone which connects you with your inner self and anchors you in the present. It can remove a fear of death by encouraging an acceptance of the life cycle. It improves concentration, clarifies perception, and dispels apathy. It helps overcome abuse and negative conditioning. It powerfully protects against the jealousy, resentment, and anger of others.

Physical - Carnelian stimulates the metabolism, increases fertility and helps overcome impotence. It regulates the kidneys, and is beneficial to arthritis, rheumatism and neuralgia. It can also be useful for depression. Carnelian has the ability to cleanse other stones.

Healing properties -

Emotional - Citrine energizes every level of life. It dissipates negative energy, protects the environment, and creates joy. It is extremely benefical for emotional well being as it diminishes self destructive tendencies by raising self esteem. It creates harmony where there is discord, and is useful for overcoming depression, fear, and phobias. A stone of abundance; Carnelian will teach how to attract prosperity. It is one of the few stones which are self cleaning.

Physical - Carnelian benefits those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome or ME, as it energizes and recharges. It detoxifies the blood, stimulates digestion, and balances the thyroid and hormones. Its' warming properties strengthen the nerves.

Healing properties -

Emotional - Fluorite is an uplifting, balancing stone that brings order from chaos. It's highly protective and defends on a psychic level, helping to discern when psychic manipulation is occurring. It will heighten intuition and ground spiritual energies. It will dissipate old behavioural patterns, and gently bring suppressed feelings to the surface for resolution.

Physical - Fluorite is extremely cleansing and will purify and realign any imperfections in the body. It benefits teeth and bones, regenerates skin tissue, heals wounds and ulcers, and is beneficial for colds, flu and sinusitis.

Healing properties -

Emotional - Hematite is especially effective at grounding, protecting, and dissolving negative energy, and also prevents the aura from absorbing negative energy. It will boost confidence, self esteem, courage and willpower; and enhances personal magnetism. It stimulates the mind and memory, and is beneficial for overcoming addictions, including smoking and overeating.

Physical - Hematite is powerfully beneficial for disorders of the blood. Aiding circulation, iron absorbtion, cleansing, and regeneration. It is also excellent for treating stress and insomnia.

Healing properties -

Emotional - Howlite is powerfully adept at calming the mind and will eliminate rage and uncontrolled anger. It links the physical and spiritual realms, and will assist those seeking spiritual or past life answers, by opening the mind to enable insight and wisdom. Placed on the third eye it unlocks past life memories, and calms turbulent emotions; especially those caused by past life problems.

Physical - Howlite is excellent for insomnia, and will balance calcium levels, benefitting teeth and bones.

Healing properties -

Emotional - Lapis Lazuli possesses enormous serenity and brings deep inner peace. It unlocks your spiritual power and sets you on the path to spiritual attainment. This stone works with your guardian angels, and will protect against psychic attack by returning negativity back to its source. It will combat depression caused by a lack of balance between emotional and spiritual levels, and will encourage honesty and dignity. It is known as the friendship stone as it will bond relationships.

Physical - Lapis Lazuli alleviates migraines, insomnia and vertigo, and overcomes hearing loss. It cleanses and boosts the immune system, purifies blood, lowers blood pressure, and assists the respiratory and nervous systems.

Healing properties -

Emotional - Moonstone connects strongly with the moon energy and signifies new beginnings. It will deeply calm and heal the emotions, and encourages intuition, empathy, and clairvoyance. Moonstones' energy is feminine, passive and receptive. It will
calm over reaction, will lessen aggression in both men and women, and pacify hyperactive children.

Physical - Moonstone balances the hormones, attunes the biorhythmic clock, and assists the reproductive system. It is beneficial for PMS, conception, pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding. It will also eliminate toxins and fluid retention, and is a useful treatment for shock.

Healing properties -

Emotional - Quartz is the most powerful crystal of them all. It is the King of crystal healing which amplifies energy. It absorbs, stores, and regulates energy, and will unblock and release. Quartz generates electromagnetism, and doubles your biomagnetic field. It protects from radiation and dispels static electricity. This crystal is a deep soul and organ cleanser, which attunes itself to your vibrational frequency and can pin point the vibrational requirements needed to take your body back to its perfect state. Quartz will raise your spirituality to the highest level, and enlighten you on your spiritual purpose.

Physical - Quartz balances the body and will benefit any condition. It stimulates the immune system. It focuses concentration and unlocks the memory. Quartz will amplify the qualities of all other stones, and is self cleaning.

Healing properties -

Emotional - Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It teaches the true essence of love, and opens and purifies the heart. Rose quartz can attract love into your life and can restore trust and harmony into existing relationships. It will show you how to love yourself and reinforce self worth. It is a calming and reassuring stone that will strengthen sensitivity, and soothe a broken heart.

Physical - Rose quartz strengthens the heart and circulation, and heals the kidneys. It is beneficial to alzheimers, senile dementia, and parkinson's disease. It alleviates vertigo, and increases fertility.

Healing properties -

Emotional - Rhodonite nurtures love and humanity. An emotional balancer that dispells anxiety. A grounding stone that heals panic and trauma. It's extremely beneficial to those with self destructive, abusive tendencies. This stone has forgiving qualities, useful for dealing with betrayal and abandonment issues. It discourages attitudes of retaliation, and promotes calm in volatile situations.

Physical - Rhodonite heals wounds and reduces scars. Is beneficial to bone growth, hearing, and shock. It treats arthritis and inflamed joints, emphysema, stomach ulcers, multiple sclerosis, and auto-immune diseases.

Healing properties -

Emotional - Selenite has a very fine vibration. It is a calm stone which instills deep peace and gives access to the angelic consciousness. It's an excellent tool for spiritual work, meditation and enhancing telepathy. Selenite is an ancient, ethereal stone which is said to inhabit the space between light and matter. Placed in the corners of your home, selenite can form a ring of protection, which blocks external influences, creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Physical - Selenite protects against epileptic seizures, reverses the effects of free radicals, encourages flexibility and aligns the spinal column. Psychologically, it disperses erratic emotions and confusion.

Healing properties -

Emotional - Obsidian is a fast working stone that supports us as it impels us to grow. It should be used with caution as it can bring negative emotions and unpleasant truths to light. It is a powerful tool for past life work, where it can heal festering emotions and traumas, which have been brought into the present life. Snowflake Obsidian is a stone of purity which releases stress, removes negative emotions, and balances the mind, body and spirit.

Physical - Snowflake Obsidian improves circulation, benefitting, eyes, skin, and veins.

Healing properties -

Emotional - Tiger's Eye combines energies from the earth and the sun, creating a high vibrational state which draws spiritual energies to earth. It is protective and brings out integrity. It enhances perception in a practical way, and helps one achieve goals. This stone will help to recognise ones' talents, and will open blocked creativity. It will support addictive personalities who are making changes in their lives, lighten the mood and lift depression.

Physical - Tiger's Eye treats the eyes, and helps heal the throat, reproductive organs, and broken bones.

(is usually dyed and a form of magnesite)

Healing properties -

Emotional - Turqurenite can be used to stimulate passion and heart felt love.

Physical - Is reputed to aid the treatment of fevers and chills.

Healing properties -

Emotional - Jasper is the supreme nurturer which will support in times of stress, and bring tranquility and wholeness. It is a grounding stone that will absorb negative energy. Yellow Jasper channels positive energy, creating a feeling of well being. It also protects during spiritual work.

Physical - Yellow Jasper energizes the endocrine system. It heals digestion and stomach disorders, and releases toxins.


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