Third Eye Meditation

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Third Eye Meditation

Postby Dellycat » Mon Sep 26, 2011 9:24 pm

Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2009 5:20 pm


The Third Eye is an etheric, fourth dimensional eye which initiates our multidimensional vision. All eyes need a lens to give meaning to a perceived light sensation, including this "Eye." The Third Eye's lens is located in our aura, just in front of our Sixth/Brow Chakra. The psychic construction of this lens is part of the discipline that leads to our accurate multidimensional perception. If we were blind from birth and suddenly recovered our vision, we would be unable to understand what we saw. For many lifetimes, we have been "blind" in our Third Eye. Hence, patient, consistent and focused meditation will prepare us to open our "Eyes of Soul."

By using the Sixth Chakra (between our eyes and in the center of our forehead) as a focal point during meditation, we can facilitate the development of our Third Eye's lens. Using this form of meditation also facilitates theta wave consciousness, which innately understands the symbols and pictures of multidimensional stimuli. Messages from the fifth dimension and beyond come in "no-time;" which means that all words, pictures and/or symbols come into our opened Third Eye at the exact same moment.

Our theta wave consciousness perceives in the "no-time" of the fifth dimension and beyond. Hence, while in theta consciousness we can receive, and even understand, stimuli from the higher dimensions while also being aware of the physical world. We can then learn to pass this information on to our alpha wave consciousness so that we can translate the information into the 3D, sequential time/space. If we draw a picture, write it down, sing, dance, or move to that stimuli, we can then train our minds to "decipher" the messages.

This reception of multidimensional stimuli is impossible for our everyday, beta brainwaves, and quite difficult for our alpha wave thinking. However, theta wave thinking is not bound by the confines of time and space. Normally, without the practice of meditation, Theta waves (4-7 cps) normally only occur as we drift off to sleep, during some of our dreams, or as we return from the depths of delta sleep.

However, when we meditate, focusing our attention, and our breath, on the location of our Sixth Chakra, (forehead) we can learn to consciously slip into theta brainwaves. Through theta wave meditation, we can open our Third Eye, as well as gain conscious access to our delta waves. Delta waves unite us with the Cosmic Consciousness of All That Is. Once we can experience Cosmic Consciousness, while we are still aware of our physical reality, we can access the Flow of Universal Energy.

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