Enter this thread to learn protection and grounding methods. A must read thread for anyone who is learning to develop their psychic abilities.
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Grounding - Introduction
Grounding and psychic protection are words frequently batted around in spiritual circles without anyone understanding what it is to be grounded or psychically protected. I frequently hear from clients, students and those just dipping their toes in the waters of spirituality that they don’t actually know what these terms mean. For me the scariest is when people have attended development or training courses that leave out or skim the surface of this fundamental practice. All students need to know what psychic protection and grounding is if they are to be effective therapist or enlightened beings. Over the next few weeks I will take you through the reasons why you need to be protected and grounded, how to recognise when you are not and what to do about it. I will suggest different ways and give you the tools to help yourself. Then maybe you won’t need to contact me as hundreds do already in an energy crisis or worse.
So, what is grounding?

Simply, Grounding is about connecting your subtle bodies to the earth through your base chakra, legs, feet chakras and earthstar. By bringing your energies down you are allowing the earth to support you and keeping you stable.

Most people think that being spiritual means that they walk around like some sort of ‘space cadet’ with all of their energies concentrated in their third eye and crown chakra. This belief system is false and potentially dangerous because you leave yourself open to an array of energies, both positive and negative. These energies in their negative form can create imbalances of mind, body and spirit, which require expert intervention if recovery is to be made. A word of caution here! There are some people who can ‘space cadet’ all their lives and not have any problems with it. However, on the flip side there are those who are unable walk around in this constant state and for some reason or another have found them selves in this state. They then blow some sort of mental and emotional gasket and with this comes irrational thoughts, behaviours and emotional states. It is at this point that they are bought to me, as an expert in this field for rebalancing and energy support.

So how do you know if you are ungrounded?

These are the main signs and symptoms:

* Feeling "out of sorts"
* Insomnia
* Feeling weepy, angry, lost or over-whelmed
* Spaced out and heady
* Can't think straight
* Feeling wobbly
* Confused
* Nothing is going right
* Problems with extremities. Anywhere from the top of the legs downwards
* Symptoms not consistent with anything in particular
* Feeling stuck
* Headaches
* Having lots of ideas but can't bring them into reality
* Receiving lots of spiritual information but can't integrate it or understand it

What are the benefits of being grounded?

You will feel more stable because your energy is balanced and evenly distributed.

You will find that your spiritual growth is dynamic because you will be able to ground and integrate changes and knowledge that is imparted to you.

You will be able to practice discernment and therefore discard what you feel does not feel right or fit in with your belief systems.
You will develop firm personal boundaries.


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