Grounding part 1-Visualization

Enter this thread to learn protection and grounding methods. A must read thread for anyone who is learning to develop their psychic abilities.
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Grounding part 1-Visualization

Postby Jemm » Fri Oct 07, 2011 3:19 pm

Grounding part 1-Visualization

Posted: Sat Oct 18, 2008

Oak Tree
The first way to effectively ground yourself is a visualization that brings your energies from the soles of your feet to be anchored into the earth. You may want to read this visualization onto a tape and play it back to yourself.

Tree root Visualization

* Uncross your feet and settle yourself into a comfortable position.

* Take some deep breaths in and out.

* Now take your attention to your physical body.

* Feel its’ solidity and weight. Notice of how this feels.

* Be aware of the pull of the earth on your whole body.

* Your body feels healthy and secure as the earths’ energy envelopes you.

* Focus and feel that pull.

* Allow your awareness to travel to your feet.

* Take that awareness to the soles of your feet

* Feel the soles of your feet on the surface of the earth.

* Allow your attention to focus on your energy system that binds you to the earth.

* In your minds eye, see your energy transform into strong growing roots.

* Allow those roots to extend downwards and outwards into the earth.

* Feel the pull of the earth welcoming your growing roots. See them strong and healthy.

* Allow those roots to search deeper and deeper into mother earth. Feel her welcoming your roots, feel her bringing stability to you.

* Feel her warmth

* When you feel your roots are secure and firm enough in the earth begin on your in-breath, to draw life giving energy back along your root path into your body.

* Feel the energy of the earth slowly fill your whole body as it travels upwards.

* Continue to draw the energy in with your in-breath and with your out breath allow your root system to strengthen deeper and further into the earth.

* Now intend that this new found rooted-ness remain.

* Allow the visualization to disappear with the intention that the energies you’ve created remain.

* And when you feel ready, gently come back to the room feeling connected to your higher consciousness and protected by the earth.

It is good to practice this exercise at least twice daily until you feel stable and you get used to the new way of being and feeling grounded.


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