Grounding part 3-Essences

Enter this thread to learn protection and grounding methods. A must read thread for anyone who is learning to develop their psychic abilities.
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Grounding part 3-Essences

Postby Jemm » Fri Oct 07, 2011 3:15 pm

Posted: Sat Oct 18, 2008 11:17 am

Essences are very useful tools with which to ground yourself.

White yarrow from the BrynaHerb Essences range helps to ground the subtle bodies and brings a sense of stability. This is the essence I would chose for someone who is ungrounded but is not emotional with it. Applying this essence to the feet chakras will allow the energy to flow from the legs downwards but also accept the energy of the earth to flow upwards.

Gorse from the BrynaHerb Essences range is for the person who is very emotional. They cry at anything. They are unstable energetically and very sensitive to everything. This person is very ungrounded and cannot find comfort on the earth plane. This person is possibly very wounded from childhood experiences.

Oh, The mighty Oak! The essence of Oak from the BrynaHerb Essences range has strong grounding energies. This essence is useful when exploring deep-seated emotions. It gives the user both stability and space to own their own stuff and to transform from that. This would be a great essence to use along side any sort of therapy.

Tourmaline essence from the Divine Solutions range is a combination of black and green tourmaline. This provides balance between the heart and base chakras whilst grounding the energies of both. This is the ‘belt, braces and lead boots’ of the essences for grounding and is great if a ‘quick fix’ is needed.

There are of course other essences in both the BrynaHerb and Divine Solutions range which will help with grounding, but the above are the major ones that I would use if someone had a grounding problem.

All of these essences are exclusively available from Bryna Herb


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