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There are four principal altar tools. These are the same four tools shown on the Tarot card, the Magician. They also correspond to four of the Thirteen Treasures of Wales, the four Tarot suits, the Four Treasures of Ireland, and the four "Sacred Hallows" of Arthurian legend. Like the four elements, two are feminine and two are masculine.

The Pentacle - is a shallow dish inscribed with a Pentagram, representing earth, and is placed in the West.
The Chalice - womb-shaped and symbolising water, is placed in the east. They form the horizontal feminine axis.
The phallic-shaped Wand - representing air, is placed in the south.
The equally phallic-shaped Sword/Athame - is placed in the north. They form the vertical masculine axis. (The gender relationships of cup and blade are especially emphasised in the ritual blessing of wine.)
In nearly every culture, the vertical line is a symbol of masculine energy. The horizontal line is feminine energy. When the vertical masculine line penetrates the horizontal feminine line, forming the ancient Pagan symbol of the equal-armed cross, it becomes a symbol of life, and life-force. Place a circle around it or on it, and you have a circle-cross or "Celtic" cross, symbol of everlasting life.

Please note the importance of the EQUAL-armed cross. If one arm is longer or shorter, then the four elements are out of balance. The Christian cross, for example, has an extended southern arm. And many historians have commented on Christianity's excess of "Fire" or zeal in the Northern Hemisphere. Some versions actually show a shortened northern arm, indicating a dearth of "Air" or intellectual qualities (Northern Hemisphere).

Rituals can range from simple to very complex, some like to use robes, chant, swing incense, use swords, wands, cauldrons etc. This is personal choice and not necessary – nothing is set in stone. Always choose what is right for you! In learning, however, it is important to understand the magical significance of the Tools of the Craft.

Before listing the actual tools used in Wicca, and their properties, please note:


So then, why bother with tools at all? Some people don't. some people have excellent powers of concentration, focus and will-power and have trained themselves to perform complete rituals in their mind. You can train yourself to do this with some effort. In the meantime, the tools help you to concentrate, focus and learn about yourself and your own strengths and weaknesses. Tools let you know that you are now in ritual space, that it's time to ground and let go of the mundane world, and prepare ourselves to commune with the Lord and Lady.

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