Investigation Conditions

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Investigation Conditions

Postby Jemm » Thu Oct 06, 2011 3:24 pm

Investigation Conditions

Posted: Fri Oct 17, 2008

By CelticSpirits
Okay, this is for the investigators, I have often wondered if there is an ideal condition for doing investigations? Have you come across any conditions that hamper an investigation? Do you prefer full or new moons? Cold or warm nights? Is there a better season during the year that creates prime investigation conditions? Have you ever conducted an investigation during the day? Or is the dead of night the best time?

I am sure that I will have more questions, but this is enough to start out with!

Reply by detectiveac
Other than obviously being comfortable and safe, there's no real ideal condition for performing investigations. As far as full or new moons are concerned, we really haven't noticed a big difference. We've experienced things either way. We have noticed that most places experienced the most activity around the fall/ winter time of the year. We still haven't decided if the holidays are the cause or not though. We have conducted semi-investigations during the day but nothing extensive as it seems most activity happens during the night. Although activity can occur throughout the night, we've noticed that the most extreme tends to happen in the early morning hours.

Reply By Simply-Dreams
Energy is connected to energy, depending on room temperature, and the time of the day, is when you could possibly see a spirit. Spirits can be seen through the day or night because of the emotional attachment to physical locations of their memories and the temperatures... sometimes when it's colder in a specific location you may see spiritual activity. Also depending on specific details of the spirit's exit of this realm, is how often you may see that particular spirit. These are the conditions best known for sighting spirits. The more tragic the event, the more you'll likely come across a spirit, especially when it involves events such as betrayals, murders, and sometimes it's even the lighter side of things such as strong love that one felt towards someone they left behind. It just really depends on the situation, more spirits are seen at night because the sunlight isn't directly on them, as they are translucent.

The moonlight offers a better view of the spirits because of the temperatures surrounding it and the energy around the area, good/bad happy/sad etc. It also depends on how empathic you are/were as to whether or not you'll see any spiritual activity. Those with more empathic abilities are more likely to see the ghostly realm than those without the stronger empathic holds because we're (as I am more empathic than some I know) more emotionally attached to both the living and the dead.

Reply by CelticSpirits
I was curious due to the fact of the times that I have experienced something, I have been able to 'feel' it long before anything happened. I have often wondered what others felt. Have you ever seen a apparition?

Reply by SCPD Founder
Yes I have seen many apparitions. When I was younger it was almost on a daily basis from age 5-13. The day of my 13th birthday I felt something leave me. I literally felt it and my cat watched from me to up in the air don't know what he was looking at but it was strange. On occasion I see them but mostly black figures and sometimes things follow me home. I still seem to get a lot of reaction when I speak to them in a place and still feel them just less visual but more than most people. My family has this "gift" I guess you can say. Checked out my family blood line and found there is one that has this stuff in it.

Reply By CelticSpirits
I find it very interesting to read others experiences. I suppose from a stand point of someone who has struggled with the things they have experienced during their lifetime it is quite comforting to know that others have experienced much the same thing. It was not something that was discussed in my home, I would hide most of the experiences, unless of course it effected me to the point that I needed comfort from my mom. In those cases she would research the area, trying to ascertain whether or not something had occurred in that area. As an adult I appreciate her efforts to try and get me to understand my experiences. It was not until I was an adult that I found out that my grandmother also had experiences. Three generations that we know of with experiences. Trying to find out anything further back than that is useless, as my grandmother refuses to discuss it. Much to my frustration.



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