White House Ghosts (USA)

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White House Ghosts (USA)

Postby Jemm » Thu Oct 06, 2011 4:18 pm

Posted: Sat Oct 18, 2008

Question: What's been dead for years and still watches over the entire nation?

Clue #1: He's really tall and very friendly.

Clue #2: He wears a black coat, a top hat and has a black beard.

Clue #3: The mailman never came to his Gettysburg Address.

Give up? It's Abe Lincoln's ghost!

What squeaks and creeps at night?

The White House was built in 1800, burned by the British in the War of 1812, and rebuilt in 1817.

He might have been kind-hearted when he took the presidency in 1860, but you still might not want him lurking through the halls of your house at night.

Those who have seen him say he means no trouble at all, but his presence in the White House is well known.

Lincoln might not be the only past resident to haunt the White House. It's been home to 42 presidents!

While there are no official records of ghosts in the White House, many believable people have shared their sightings.

Happy Hauntings!

Good ole' Abe

Early one morning, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands heard three knocks on her bedroom door. . .

Four Scare and Seven Haunts Ago

Sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands awakened early to three knocks on her bedroom door.

When she answered the door she saw the outline of Abraham Lincoln looming in the doorway and instantly fainted.

Winston Churchill had a similar experience. He refused to stay in the White House quarters ever again.


Since his death in 1865, people say they've seen Lincoln:

Strolling the hallways of the president's quarters;
Looking out the window of the oval office at what were once the battlefields of the Civil War;

Viewers seem to spot him more often when the country is in trouble or at war. They say he's almost like a guardian.

Many famous people have seen Abe's ghost while staying at the White House, and some of them will not return!

Too cold for Harrison

William Henry Harrison took office in 1841 and only lived for one month in the White House before he died of a severe cold.

Even though he was not there very long, it seems he maintained his presence.

White House aids and service men have found him wandering the nooks and crannies of the White House attic. What is he looking for? Cold medicine?

No one really knows!

Abigail's clean linens

Abigail and Dolly hang out together!

Abigail Smith Adams, wife of President John Adams (1797-1801), has been seen many times walking the hallways.

According to witnesses, Abigail appears to be carrying a basket of laundry.

The Adams' family moved into the White House before it was finished. An old story says that a "great wind rushed through" the unfinished East Room.

Residents and visitors who have spotted Abigail say they see her hanging laundry to dry in the room.

Hello Dolley!

Dolley Madison's husband James Madison was in office from 1809 -1817.
They had to move out of the White House part way through the term because the British army burned it during the War of 1812. Dolley never really left.

Visitors have seen her ghost looming around the rose gardens in the back. Gardeners claim Dolley's ghost has threatened them to leave the garden alone.
To this day nothing in Dolley's garden has changed!
Good thing the president isn't scared!
Here are some spooky videos about the ghostly White House!


White House officials and spokespeople claim that no new ghosts have been spotted recently and that living presidents aren't afraid of them.

Whew...good thing!

But just because the president isn't scared, doesn't mean the ghosts aren't still haunting.

When asked if the White House ghosts are friendly, Chief Usher in the White House Gary Walters wrote: "Absolutely."

"The presidents that I have worked for have all indicated a "feeling" of the previous occupants of the White House," he adds.

Walters notes that the presidents have all "drawn strength from the fact that the previous presidents have lived here."

That is a positive ghost story!

by Sara Murphy

http://googolplex.cuna.org/12433/5spot/ ... doc_id=902


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Re: White House Ghosts (USA)

Postby pinkelephants » Tue Dec 27, 2011 3:05 pm

love it
i thought i had heard the white house was haunted but never by who and why
now i know :D

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Re: White House Ghosts (USA)

Postby Grizz » Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:18 pm

I've long heard of Lincoln's ghost being there and of others too, but could never recall who the others were.
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