OLD COTTAGE by White Wolf

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OLD COTTAGE by White Wolf

Postby Jemm » Thu Oct 06, 2011 3:49 pm


Posted: Fri Oct 17, 2008 1:18 pm

last saturday the team and i and my wicca friend jacs were invited to check out an old cottage.
as soon as the team walked into the front door and i followed them a huge blast of sadness and emotion hit me and i for a while became emotional. i felt there was alot of love within these walls but great sadness also.

i got with the place an old lady,who i felt also hada husband but he had passed over some time before,she also i felt had passed over and more than likely why the house was now empty.it was at the point of my going upstairs where the roof had been made into bedroom/room space at the foot of the ladder leading up to it that i heared a bedroom clock ticking behind me.this soon faded away and i then knew this was the room of the old lady.

you could see the marks on the carpet where her single bed had been and even see the signs of where in the room her wardrobe and drawers etc and stool was.

a few of the team and myself heared at times a ladies voice but there was a pub next door and we could not rule out it came from there. we had some great orbs and light anomlies also.

i also felt like there had been an accident of somekind in the garden out back,my feeling was it could of been her late husband in some way.

it was very old but nice cottage,hidden in the skirtingboard we found some lead blocks with RR wrote on them and a newspaper from 1954. dave one of our team was very jumpy which i have never seen him like before,but there was in my opinion nothing to fear in this placem

i myself also had with this lady she was happy we were there and happy also we had a girl in our group,and she was curios about us.

other than that we did not have alot but are due to look at video footage and share our notes on the night soon,the lady who has bought this place is sensative too and is going to tell us what she know about the old place.
i picked up the husband there but i felt just the essence ,the lady was very strong,im eager to hear anything the owners can tell me about the history of the place. my wiccan friend jacs i belive had quite allot she is going to soon report on and of course there is the guys and their feeling aswell.

dave i know came up with a few names one i might add was the same as i did,



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