Beware of Orbs

Post info on how to analys a photo, how fakes are made etc
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Beware of Orbs

Postby Dellycat » Thu Oct 06, 2011 4:31 pm

Posted: Sat Nov 01, 2008

If you own a digital camera and have taken photographs in low light conditions we can almost guarantee you have seen pictures with orbs. Please don't be fooled into believing that these orbs are paranormal in nature. We are not trying to say that ALL orbs are digitally created but you must be careful in determining which orbs indicate spirit activity and which ones do not.
We have dozens of digital photographs that show low light orbs. How do we know that these are digital orbs and not spirit activity? Digital orbs are very light and can be almost translucent in nature. Another element to look for is the evenness of the orb coloring. Many times digital orbs will have uneven shading or a darker outside edge.
Digital orbs will show up even when photographs taken with a 35mm camera at the same time show nothing paranormal at all. Be sure to look for other evidence that paranormal activity was present at the time the photo was taken. This evidence can be in the form of EMF meters, temperature changes, or visual sightings.
All ghost hunters and paranormal investigators strive to find authentic spirit photos but we must be careful not to accept digital orb photos as evidence of the paranormal. By accepting these orb photos as evidence we would be doing everyone involved a great disservice and adding fuel to the fire for the skeptics.

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PostPosted: 14 Jan 2008 05:01 pm
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I agree that orbs should not be accepted as evidence at all. I believe that actual orbs, not dust or reflected light, are just simply a collection of energy. Energy is not paranormal. I also believe that spirits can use that energy to manifest or move objects, touch people, etc. much like living people using their muscles (another form of energy) to do the same. When I first started to investigate and research the field of paranormal, I was excited to catch an "orb". Now that I've been doing this for quite some time, I've seen how common it is to occur.

Thanks for your input here detective, with the new photo posts, questions have been popping up left and right. It is great to have someone with professional investigation knowledge share their views with us!
I think with any 'evidence' that is found, backup evidence is a good idea. When there is irrefutable evidence it lends more credence to the case. Orbs became all the rage with the widespread use of digital cameras. Everyone and their mother was saying they had caught evidence of paranormal activity on their photos. I personally have numerous photos with 'orbs' in them, although I have never thought for one second that it was evidence of a spirit.

Like Spiritchaser, if I came across an orb in real life I would stand up and take notice

It would be a good question for our investigators! I wonder if they have ever experienced an orb?

Reply SCPD founder
We have never seen an orb in real life. I can tell you we have seen lights like pin points and even like flashlight type of lights but never an orb in real life. Video cameras also catch orbs too but again it can be too many other things and without other more substantial evidence it doesn't mean much.

Reply CelticSpirits
Thank you founder for answering the question, it is quite a pleasure to hear your groups first hand experiences, or lack their of. It is much better than just speculation, your input brings valuable knowledge to the discussion!
Founder, what type of evidence would you require to consider an orb in a photo paranormal? Would it be an evp at the time of a photo? Or perhaps EMF or temperature drops?

i also agree very much about what is said on orbs,however ive also seen orbs act in some strange ways,and had them filmed around myself and moving. yes some may be dust and some flies etc. but its the strange and different ones that are the most impressive.

some guys from my new group done a castle before xmas with a great in the gound which was a dungeon some strange lights were filmed that were orb like which could not be explained and impressed me indeed.

i do not however belive its the start of a ghost manifestation like some say.

Reply CelticSpirits
White Wolf, you have seen an orb in motion then? Not on video, but with your own eyes? I am curious as I have never come across anyone who has actually seen it with the naked eye.

Thanks for your insight, it is greatly appreciated. If you would like, please share some of your investigation findings with us, in the investigation section!

Reply WhiteWolf
ive been in a number of groups which for one reason or another have closed down,im now with a group a new one of which ive been guesting for a few times,they have asked me to join them. two of the guys used to be in my first group i was ever in and friends.

i was lucky the first time i guested for them i came up with some real good stuff which was all confirmed by the owners of the place,i never new untill the night where i was to go,as i like going in blind.

this is wessex paranormal reaserch organisation if you can find their site,needs updateing from november but its worth a check.

white wolf

Reply SpiritChaser
Whitewolf congrats on the great finds!

i was lucky the first time i guested for them i came up with some real good stuff which was all confirmed by the owners of the place,i never new untill the night where i was to go,as i like going in blind.

I think going in blind is the best way because then you aren’t influenced by preconceived ideas and thoughts. So what you feel or see will be much more genuine and less likely to put doubts in your own mind that you may be being swayed a bit.

For all our investigators here at PS

Do you find it’s hard to find a place not knowing the history or the stories behind it with so much of it made public now?

Also how do you go about finding these places if they have not been made public yet?

Reply SCPD Founder
Yes it is hard to find places that don't have some sort of public history/story to it and finding a place can be by chance. I have been to places with no known hauntings and things happen. So experience would be the best thing to find out if a place is haunted.

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