The famous Bungendore ghost

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The famous Bungendore ghost

Postby Dellycat » Fri Sep 23, 2011 5:39 pm

Sun Feb 15, 2009 11:0

Here he is. The famous Bungendore ghost. This shot was taken in the Royal Hotel, Bungendore by a journo in 1949 for a local newspaper feature. Photo is on display with other old Pubobilia including some documents from 1880 found when the old fireplace was renovated

Interesting photo, but I am wondering if it is caused by shadow and matrixing even though it does look like a person there. The other possibility is someone was there but moved out the way, or tried to duck into the shot at the last minute

Looking at this again, it could be (excuse the pun) ghosting, like a double exposure. The ghost looks very similar to the man to the right of it in the photo, the man with the hat on, the ghost hat is on the same angle and has the same white band on it, as well as there being similar facial features.
It might always be in the back row because they are further away and any movement of the camera during a shot would make something further away look like it had moved further than something close... I think that makes sense I don't think the picture has been doctored, I think it boils down to human error while taking the shot.
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