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cursed movies

Postby Jemm » Fri Sep 23, 2011 12:37 pm

Posted: Thu Jun 19, 2008
Car crashes, injured stars, a fire, a stabbing, an arrest – the latest Bond film is cursed, surely. It isn't the first. Kaleem Aftab reveals the on-set terrors of other ill-fated movies

Ooohh....................didn't know that!!!

I think ther......damn!!...........there's a lit.................bloody mouse,who left it there!?
Anyway as I was .............DUCK!!.............screw that monitor down,NOW,someone............I'm outta here!!

Speaking of which;
Don't Kow 'bout your comp.,but this evil thing I'm tryin' to communicate with the world with is definitely possessed.
The other day I was on site and thought I would answer an interesting article,so I clicked “post reply”,as you do,normally.
Nothin' normal here,the screen went grey,I waited several minutes as I watched the green thing at the bottom of the page travel toward the end signifying that the page was loading.
Web page expired!
Why wasn't I told,I didn't even know it was sick?!
Do I send flowers or what?
Then the other day,I thought I'd go lookin' for articles to post for members to read,and found this site,hit the left mouse,then hit right click.
So I hit copy,because I don't have a copy right in my mouse,well,the place erupted.
Those little blue thingies kept comin' up and when I right clicked for gluin',all it said was delete,and I said to meself, but they haven't read it yet!
And some of these keys are code for “the other side”.
I hit control the other day...........and completely lost control of this thing,went off in it's own little world,I was just an onlooker,helplessly trying to wrest it back again,mind you the e-mail from Mr Gates was encouraging.
NEVER,never press esc.,(spesctres),at least they're marked.
Touch it at your own peril.
When I did,all Hades broke loose.
(The chemist was very understanding and suggested mature size nappies)
I was sitting reading one of the many interesting posts,reached across to get my coffee,brushed the ghost key,everything went black!
In my confusion and predicament,hit the off button.
Wrong.........!,as I found out later, and I think I'll use that technician again,nice fella,bit pricey though.
Another thing,don't........don't ever say SysRq backwards whilst shaving with a sharp blade.
The other morning as I was shaving,I thought I'd try to say it backwards,and the curse came true!
Somehow it made me sneeze as I was doing my top lip,nearly had two mouths.
I shudder to ask what Insert does and why it's got two Enter keys?
I shall persevere,and if my posts seem somewhat disjointed in future,I've probably Shifted half of it to Home,just don't know who's.


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