Premonition of death?

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Premonition of death?

Postby Jemm » Thu Sep 22, 2011 3:07 pm

Posted: Mon Jul 14, 2008

Tomorrow will be my father's 35th anniversary, he died when but 47 years of age. The cemetary is quite a while away so we don't manage to get there often, but we took some flowers and left our little gifts of love there this morning.

My father is buried with his eldest brother, Jack who was but 23 years old when he died from pneumonia in 1941 and also his mother, my nan.

We took my 82 year old mother and coming home she relayed this little sweet snippet of paranormal information, which I found rather touching and also a indication of just how close we are to our loved ones, bonded and united by that invisible cord of love.

My uncle Jack was but 23 years old when he was struck down with some type of flu. He was at home and progressively got worse. Eventually my grandmother sent for the doctor who pronounced that he had taken the flu badly and was to be looked after and kept an eye on by my grandmother.

Jack began to get better, slowly although he was breathless and had lost a lot of weight. He developed a cough and eventually was taken into hospital. About a week later, my grandmother awoke from sleep in great distress saying, 'Jack has died. I heard him calling my name over and over again, "mother, mother" - I know that he has passed away.' A few hours later, she received the dreaded news that indeed he had died.

My uncle was but 23 years old and unbeknown to his parents, being a premature baby, had been born with a heart defect that had progressively worsened and caused his untimely death.

I think this proves the power of love, especially a mother's love for her child. I take great comfort in knowing that after death, we are indeed reunited with those who have gone on before. I like to think of death as a journey that has a wonderful ending, a land that is full of love and peace where our dear departed ones are united with us.

Thanks for letting me share this


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