The Sixth Sense

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The Sixth Sense

Postby Jemm » Thu Sep 22, 2011 3:00 pm

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2008

How to develop your sixth sense
Everyone has it.
Everyone is aware of their five basic senses, seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing and tasting. What everyone is not so well aware of is their sixth sense, that sense of otherworldliness, a connection to something more and greater than their physical senses are able to perceive.
This is the entrance to the world of the unseen encounter, the unheard communication, the unfelt touch of someone from the spiritual world trying to make a connection with someone in the physical body.

Nothing to fear.
The sixth sense is a part of everyone whether or not they like it. It is a normal part of the human psyche and not abnormal or reserved for special or gifted persons. Thanks to the media and to religion, it has been misrepresented and as a result, people associate the spirit world with fear and trepidation. A person has more to fear going to their car in the parking lot after work than from those souls in the spirit world. Contrary to the media’s misrepresentations, those in spirit do not have physical bodies to carry out evil deeds like some thug in a parking lot.

It is scientific.
Every human being is equipped from birth with what they need to communicate with the spirit world from where they came, and to where they will eventually go when they give up their physical body. This is the same scientific phenomenon that works in the transmission of electronic information such as the television or radio. These require that you tune into a particular band or frequency to get the program that you want. The sixth sense is similar in that it requires tuning in to another person’s frequency or to the frequency of someone in the spirit world. Electronic tuning is done through electronic means that is mechanical in nature. Spiritual tuning is done through the brain with mental focus, intent and desire being the means.

Mental tuning.
Although, tuning by mental focus is inconsistent and capricious, while electronic tuning is reliable, consistent and tangible, it is no less scientific. The difference being that psychic and medium communication is in its infancy as far as future development goes. It has a scientific basis for its manifestation because all things that happen work according to scientific laws, even by laws that haven’t been discovered yet. Consider technology that we take for granted, anyone that would have predicted one hundred years ago where we would be today, would have been laughed to scorn. So it is with mediums and communication with the so-called dead, it is a science in its infancy.

You’ve already had contact.
One doesn’t have to be a practiced medium or an ordained saint to make contact with the souls from the spirit world. At one time or another, everyone that is alive today has seen them, heard from them, been touched by them, smelled them, either while in the waking state or through a dream. Those that can’t recall having the experience are not aware of the signs or, because of fear and ignorance programmed through religion, are in denial. This is the first step in development of your sixth sense, recognizing the times that you have been touched by those in the spirit world.


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