Bizarre Slips in Time

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Bizarre Slips in Time

Postby Jemm » Wed Sep 21, 2011 7:58 pm

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2008 10:07 pm
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Bizarre Slips in Time. True stories that challenge our concept of time and reality

WHAT IS TIME? We can measure it and slice it up into millennia or nanoseconds, and we can sense our experience through it. The Encarta encyclopedia can define it as a “conscious experience of duration, the period during which an action or event occurs...” and we can even abstractly label it the fourth dimension. But all that really doesn’t bring us any closer to a true understanding of what time is... or how it works.

A Blip in Reality

In 1991, Glenn was a university student in Nova Scotia. What began as an ordinary bus trip back to his home town to visit his parents turned into a confusing distortion of time and space.

“I sat at the back of the bus and there was nobody around me,” says Glenn, “but there was a family sitting behind the driver in the front. The bus ride was uneventful until we came close to my parents’ home town. I was looking out the window and looked at the Michelin tire factory as we went by it going uphill. When the bus reached the top of the hill, I got a strange feeling, and for some unknown reason I started to imagine many people on the bus laughing at me!

“Right then there was a blip in reality and the bus was suddenly about a mile back on the highway! I then had the experience of watching the bus drive by the tire factory again! This kind of scared me and I noticed that the family sitting in the front, who were talking loudly before, were now dead quiet.

“I approached the bus driver when we stopped and told him what I thought happened. He looked really nervous and he said something like, ‘Things like that happen.’”


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