Can't Breath

Post your dreams here, do you have premonition dreams? Do you have vivid dreams that you want to share?
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Can't Breath

Postby Dr Whom » Sun Aug 26, 2012 5:12 pm

On Saturday the 2nd of June this year, I woke up from a dream because I was unable to breath.

I was dreaming I was on a plane and the plane had to land because I couldn’t breath. I woke up, turned the radio on as I normally do to listen to the news, and they said a Jetstar flight was diverting to Alice Spring because of a medical emergency. They didn’t state what the emergency was, so later on I did a google, and the only site I found about the diversion didn’t have the details of that flight, but mentioned how they had been on a flight that had to divert because an elderly man hadn’t brought his oxygen along.

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