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Ghost Dog

Postby kezbot » Tue Nov 06, 2012 10:37 pm

I had a customer come in about a week ago..... she started talking about her beloved dog that died recently (January I think?) due to a certain disease that was diagnosed approx a year ago..... they spent thousands on treatment throughout that time trying to make him better but eventually had to say goodbye and he was put down....

She was crying heaps (awkward) because she loved him sooooooooo much, seriously, this dog was like a child to her.... they adopted an abandoned dog about 6 months ago who she loves but doesn't feel like it's filled 'the hole'... anyways this dog had been mistreated and had behavioral issues but after about a month started taking on all the characteristics of her deceased dog...... he would sit and wait at the pantry door like her old dog did because he knew that's where the treats were, he learnt how to open the sliding glass door exactly as her old dog did, he started coming into their room at night and sleeping at the base of their bed in the exact same place their old dog did and when they went out, they would find him waiting for them in the same spot their old dog would be upon their arrival back home...... this adopted dog went from being a timid, skittish/always hiding, fearful little thing who would wet himself the minute anyone went near him to a confident, happy and relaxed pooch that knew exactly wat to do and how to do it all within a month.....

The woman swears her previous dog is still in the house and communicating with the new dog to let him know everything is ok now and teaching him the 'tricks of the trade' so to speak.

Since we all believe in ghostly humans.....just wondering what everyone else's thoughts are on ghostly animals??
I for one haven't seen a ghostly animal but do believe it's possible when emotional attachment is very strong.

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Re: Ghost Dog

Postby Dellycat » Tue Nov 06, 2012 10:53 pm

Oh I believe her 100%
We lost a cat 5 years ago to poison, she ate an easter lily and it killed her in less than 24 hrs. She was a really funny character, she thought she was human as she was almost hand reared. She would talk to us all the time, loved hubby to death. She was trouble on legs, she was the naughty one who knew she would get away with things. She would be the one to call dinner time and wouldn't give up until fed. She also learned very quickly that I kept cat biscuits in the wardrobe because one of our cats isn't allowed to eat them, so I fed the girls (3 of them) some biscuits before bed every night.
The night after she passed away, I fed the two remaining girls some biscuits in the bedroom and as I put the food down, they hissed, fluffed up and ran...
I walked out into the hallway to go to tell hubby what had happened, to see our cat jump off the kitchen bench (another bad habit), it wasn't one of the living ones in the house.
Our kids knew the hole that was left in our hearts and took me to get another kitten. It was an abandoned kitten and in need of adopting. We went to look and the vet brought out the whole litter, we ended up with another one, not the one we went to look at.
The one we got was an individual and was the only non skittish one and she had funny habits.
When we got home, she very soon started to do things the other one had done. Within 2 weeks, she was getting on the kitchen bench, telling everyone it was dinner time, sitting on the bed calling for the biscuits, worst of all... she started to pee in the spots the other one did at the same time of day...
She is almost the same in colour and is very intelligent.
The most weirdest thing.. she has what we call ghost ears. She has a patch of white hair behind both ears that looks like a second set of ears. When the devil is in her, those ghost ears are very obvious. When no activity is happening, you don't see them.

Sorry long winded, yes, I do believe that new pets are taught what to do by their ghost counterparts..

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Re: Ghost Dog

Postby Buddah James » Wed Nov 07, 2012 8:14 am

i belive in this post 100% about animal ghosts coming back or being rencarnated into our new beloved pets
I have two rottis Max (Maxamus) Snr whom was put to sleep by me in 2007 after being poisened now Max Snr
was the most lovable boy you could ever ask for (very friendly, playful, checky, and very protective) now
when I had to put him to sleep it broke my heart as he is my one and only son and with his passing it
left a great void in my life !! now in 2009 I was given a Rotti pup (8 november 2009) named Max Jnr by
a very close friend !! now Jnr is the identical twin to Max Snr (slight difference in looks) now both Snr and
Jnr has white strips on their chests Snr was longer so I say he had the tie and Jnr has the bow tie and on
their left ear a white spot as if someone came along with an artist paint brush and put a white dot on their
ear !! now Jnr has the same persona as Max Snr excatly at 5:30 pm he lets me know its din-dins time and
will sit in front of me with his bowl in his mouth looking at me and saying daddy feed me or else and there
are other things Jnr does excatly to Max Snr and family and friends are stunned and speachless with Max Jnr
and i get the same question over and over again "I/we thought you put Max Snr to sleep ?" I explain that I
have (some don't belive me) and I bring his ashes out to show them Max Snr is and has passed away !!
the picture is Jnr about 2 months old
Max jnr at 3 weeks.jpg
Max jnr at 3 weeks.jpg (13.81 KiB) Viewed 834 times


Re: Ghost Dog

Postby Rick » Thu Nov 08, 2012 1:37 pm

I 100% agree too. I believe wholeheartedly that animals can linger as well as humans.

I constantly see my 2 dogs, out of the corner of my eye, walking through my house.

Both of my girls have been put down unfortunately.

Sandy, a border collie cross, was put down just over 2 years ago now, she was just over 18 when we put her down.

Buttons, a kelpie cross, was was put down in the first week of January this year, she was just over 18 as well.

They were both about the same height, Sandy was a little taller than Buttons, but not much. Sandy had a much bigger frame than buttons, which is how i can tell which dog it is when i see them out of the corner of my eye,

Sandy startled the heck out of me the other night, i was half asleep, at heck knows what time in the morning, i woke up needing the bathroom, i was walking to the bathroom from by bedroom, and saw Sandy walking towards the kitchen, back door area, obviously she "had to go" too!

Definitely believe it is possible, 100%

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Re: Ghost Dog

Postby Calmer » Sun Mar 24, 2013 10:39 am

Another believer here.

Sir Bastion was my first blue himalayan cat I purchased when I married. He was my baby.

He hasn't done it for a while but you do feel him on the bed at night. Always there when I'm upset, or in the corner of my eye.

A beautiful beautiful boy I would never try to replace as I know my heart just wouldn't except it. Not that its stopped me from other cats, but one has never touched me like my Sir Bastion.
Such is life....

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