Sometimes You Are The Haunted

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Sometimes You Are The Haunted

Postby julesvness » Wed Jul 25, 2012 1:59 pm

Sometimes it is not your home that becomes haunted; sometimes there is a haunting of people. I know it to be true because that is what happened to me. I didn’t know it then, but the same ghost that was haunting me was also haunting a complete stranger that I would eventually meet. This ghost was so persistent it actually changed the paths of our lives.
It started with a dream for Tim. A ghost taunting him about things that happened to him that seemed so real he actually started to believe it himself even though he had no genuine recollection of it.
This was one of his first experiences with a visit from the ghost in his dreams. He found himself standing in the woods in the middle of a dense fog, it was misting to the point of almost raining. He blew on his hands to warm them and noticed he could see his breath when he exhaled. His feet were cold and as he looked down at them and noticed he did not have the heavy insulated boots on he normally wore when he went hiking, but instead a rather thin pair of tall leather boots. He stared at them feeling a bit confused. They were not his boots, but yet he recognized them. He stomped his feet a few times to get some circulation going in his feet. His legs were sore as though he had hiked for a very long time or had stood still for too long and they had fallen asleep.
He looked around himself to try to figure out where he was. Night was beginning to fall and the darkness mixed with the fog made it very difficult to distinguish his surroundings. He picked a direction and proceeded to began making his way through the woods, squinting in the dark trying to make out his surroundings.
He felt he had to urinate so he walked up to a tree and reached down to unzip his fly. He felt for the metal fastener and realized there was no zipper; instead he found large clumsy buttons. He managed to undo them enough so he could relieve himself and then had a terrible time closing them back up with his fingers being so cold. All he saw around him was the shadows of tremendous dark trees in the fog.
He found he had no choice but to continue on, trying to maintain a straight path, thinking sooner or later he would have to walk out of the woods. He stopped and listened momentarily to see if he could hear anything or anyone around him, but there was only total silence that fell on his ears. He continued on hearing only his own breathing and the sounds of his feet on the dead leaves and twigs snapping beneath the weight of his boots.
Suddenly very far off in the distance he thought he heard a voice call out. He stopped suddenly in mid stride and carefully listened. Again there was only complete silence. He took another step and then heard something once again. It was very faint and far away but definitely a voice calling out.
“Who’s there?” he called out in the darkness.
No one answered him; he continued to stand silent allowing his ears to pick up the slightest sound or movement. Again, he strained his eyes to pick up anything moving anywhere around him; turning in a full circle he checked all directions. In front of him he could just barely make out a very faint light flickering very far off in front of him. The moment he noticed the light he again heard a voice from the same direction. He aimed himself towards the light and set out in the direction of it taking long strides while he kept focused on it so as not to lose sight of it again, he felt lost. He knew it was very important not to lose sight of that flickering light.
He traveled towards it as quickly as he was able to, travelling through the thick underbrush and fallen branches, tripping and falling several times onto the cold wet ground. His palms were scratched and bleeding from trying to soften his fall whenever he tripped, but even so he could barely feel the pain. The light was growing slightly larger but it was an odd sort of light not steady like a flashlight would be but instead flickered like a flame would when a fire was lit in the dark.
He called out several times but no one replied. The only sound he could hear was the loud thundering of his heart beating from the exertion of travelling so quickly through the woods and his own heavy breathing. He felt as though he had travelled for miles and hours, but yet the light seemed to grow further away from him instead of closer. Exhausted now he knew he would have to stop for a bit.
He backed up against a large tree being very careful of never taking his eyes away from the light now so very far off in the distance. He laid his back against it and slowly slid down it into a squatting position against its trunk. He was trying to take some of the weight off his aching legs and feet. He leaned there trying to slow his heartbeat by drawing in long deep breathes and letting them back out very slowly, trying to allow his lungs to absorb as much oxygen as possible, it did not seem to be working. He felt as though he was being suffocated slowly, it was almost as though somebody were choking the air off at his windpipe with their hands.
He began to realize that he was approaching unconsciousness as his legs gave way from under him and he fell to the ground hard on his buttocks, the only thing keeping him upright was the huge tree trunk he had been leaning on. His eyes seemed to be losing focus as he continued to struggle to focus on the flickering light.
The trees already distorted in the fog were beginning to waver as though he were looking at them through water; his head was pounding in unison to his own heartbeat. The flickering light began to diminish but to a mere speck and was almost completely gone now. He reached his hand out to it as though he were trying to grab it and hold onto it to prevent it from disappearing from his sight completely.
“Please,” he mumbled, “please don’t leave me here alone.”
He felt drool drip in long strings from the corner of his mouth as he spoke and run down his neck. It felt as though his blood was trapped in his head causing his face to swell and bruise from the pressure. His eyelids felt as though they also were beginning to swell over his eyes so severely he had but a sliver of vision remaining through them, left now with nothing than mere slits to see through. He reached down and tried to rub his legs but he could not even feel his own hands on his flesh. They were cold and stiff to his touch. He felt tremendous fear.
He knew he was fading now from consciousness, he thought that perhaps it was time for him to pass from here; he had given in to the thought. He raised his eyes one last time towards the direction where the flickering light had been and suddenly there it was directly before him, huge and overwhelming like a great fire, the light now so bright it burned his eyes and the heat of it so intense his face felt as though the flesh were melting from it.
A small bit of the flame fell from the mass and landed on something lying in the grass near him. It almost looked like a belt or a strap to him. It ignited from the flame and began to burn following its length towards him, climbing up his chest and within inches of his neck. He patted on it desperately and felt above the flame, he realized that the strap was wrapped around his neck. He pulled at it desperately trying to pull it away from him but it seemed to be buried in the very flesh of his neck.
“Someone please help me,” he called out in the darkness.
Suddenly the pressure from his neck was gone and he could feel air fill his lungs once again. The fire disappeared simultaneously, but now there was a figure standing before him. As his vision cleared he realized it was a woman. She was standing in front of him with her head oddly cocked to one side.
“You must do as I say,” he heard her words in his head. That was when he woke. He went to the bathroom to splash cold water on his face. When he leaned forward to dry his face he noticed a mark on his neck. It almost looked like a tiny part of a rope burn. If it was just a dream how could it leave a physical mark?
My experiences also began with a dream, but I would eventually physically see the ghost just as Tim did. This was my first dream that started the whole haunting for me.
I found myself standing alone on a long narrow gravel road. It was very dark. There was a damp gray mist rolling along the ditches, almost appearing as though it were a gray ghost lurking against the total blackness that had enveloped me. I could see, despite the darkness, that tremendous trees lined both sides of the road beside me. They had no leaves; their branches were very long and black, blacker than the darkness itself was. They stretched out over the road from both sides, as though they were trying to touch each other above me, but then had somehow become snarled and twisted at their spiny tips; and now interlocked and tangled, they formed a tunnel effect above me and around me.
Despite the heavy mist and the darkness, I could still see clearly down the road before me and far off into the distance. There, in a pinpoint of light, I observed a shadow-like figure that appeared to be moving towards me. Even though I was deep in sleep, I could actually smell the dampness of the air and the aroma of the wet rotting bark of the huge black trees. I felt fear beginning to flow through me, clenching my body, paralyzing my legs and feet, and causing me to be unable to move them. I felt as though I was standing in hardened cement.
The figure continued to move slowly and deliberately towards me, making short jerky movements with every step it took. It seemed to take endless hours for it to reach me. I watched as it moved closer and closer. With no way for me to flee, I could only observe and wait. Now, finally, but a few yards from me, the figure abruptly stopped and stood completely motionless directly in front of me. The fog was now so dense I felt as though I were looking through very thick dirty glass that distorted the face and made it near impossible for me to make out any distinct features. I could feel the cold heavy air weighing on my skin. I glanced down to my forearm and observed that the dampness of the mist had formed a few tiny little beads of liquid on it. I watched as they suddenly gathered together to form one big water droplet that tickled me as it trickled off of my skin and toppled to the ground in slow motion. I had a sudden flashback of memory before my eyes. I saw my tears landing on top of the grease in my bowl of soup the night I learned of my mother’s impending death. I lifted my eyes back up to the figure, startled that it was now but a few inches from me. The mist had thinned enough to clearly see the features of the face. It was a woman; she was looking at me in a very odd sort of a way. She spoke to me, but her lips were not moving. It was as though I heard her with my mind.
“It is time for you to change.” That was all I heard, I found myself sitting up in my bed. The dream had sent chills down my arms. I reached to rub them and found them to be damp to the touch as though I had actually been in a damp fog.
This started many events that deeply affected mine and Tim’s life. It was a scary time for both of us, but eventually we found what the ghost was really after. They haunt you for a reason; there is something that they want from you. Sometimes you eventually find out what that is. This is actually based on a true story. I wrote a book about it if you are interested in everything that happened to me and this stranger. It is called, “Haunted” by Jules V Ness and is sold on Amazon. A hug to all of you that have had real experiences and no one to tell them to, know there are others out there that truly do believe.

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