Colour by numbers.

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Colour by numbers.

Postby megsy » Sat May 18, 2013 7:21 pm

Colours by Numbers.

Using your Life Path number, these are the colour associated with your time of birth. They are good luck colours that should be seen as a special colour for you. Don't fret if it is a colour you don't particularly like, these are great if you want to use a personal candle for luck, as a ribbon in your purse or check out crystals that are these colours.

1 - flame red or apricot
2 - white or salmon pink
3 - ruby red or rose
4 - green or indigo
5 - cherry pink or wisteria
6 - mustard or heliotrope
7 - magenta, brick or purple
8 - canary yellow, buff or ivory
9 - lavender, olive or straw
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