Ghosts of Culloden

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Ghosts of Culloden

Postby Dellycat » Wed Sep 21, 2011 9:47 am

Posted: Sun Dec 21, 2008

Over 5400 Jacobites took part in the Culloden Moor battle and many died that day at the hands of the Hanoverian troops who were merciless and brutal. There were over 9000 Hanoverian troops with only about 50 killed in the battle. The Hanoverians had about 2400 mounted troops, 10 three pounder guns and six coehorn mortars. Culloden Moor saw much bloodshed that day with over 1000 Jacobites killed on the Moor and the slaughtered Jacobites were buried where they were slain, often with little more than a stone or clan badge to mark their grave. Some grave stones were marked with the clan of the fallen Jacobite. In 1881 Duncan Forbes erected headstones on the graves using local information passed down from family to family as to where each fallen Jacobite was buried. There is now a large visitor centre at Culloden Moor and a large cairn to commemorate the fallen Jacobites. This too was built by Duncan Forbes in 1881. The inscription says:

The Battle of Culloden was fought on this moor 16 April 1746. The Graves of the Gallant Highlanders who fought for Scotland and Prince Charlie are marked by the names of their clans.

The Gaelic Society of Inverness hold an annual commemoration service on the Saturday before the 16th April.

Culloden Anniversary Ghosts

There are said to be many ghosts at Culloden Moor such as anniversary ghosts who return on the 16 April to relive the battle and their deaths. These Culloden ghosts make themselves heard by the cries of battle. Some witnesses have heard the clash of steel on steel as if of broadsword and sword fighting.

One legend of Culloden Moor is that birds do not sing at the exact site of the battle or at the graves of the slaughtered Jacobites. Other local legends at Culloden Moor is that heather which grows nearby will never grow over the graves of the Jacobites.

Jacobite Ghosts

Reported Jacobite ghosts include the vision of a dead Jacobite soldier under a tartan cloth on one of the grave mounds at Culloden Moor.

Great Scree of Culloden

As well as birds not singing on the Moor there is a large ghostly bird that inhabits Culloden Moor and was first sighted on the eve of the battle on the 15 April 1746 by Lord George Murray who was the Jacobite Commander. It is a huge black bird called the Great Scree of Culloden Moor and anyone who sees the Great Scree will have bad luck. It was certainly a bad omen for Lord Murray and his fellow Jacobites. This Harbinger of doom has been seen by many walkers in the area.

Highlander Ghost

A frequently seen Culloden ghost is that of a Highlander ghost who is tall and has a drawn weary face. He quietly says "Defeated to those he meets.

Well Ghosts

There were and still are many drinking wells in the Culloden area. One near to the Culloden Moor battle site is called St Mary's Well. This well has ghosts who are thought to be ghosts of the dead highlanders killed at the battle.

Another well at Culloden Moor is called The Well of the Dead. The body of Alexander MacGillivray of Dunmaglass the leader of Clan Chattan was found here. Alexander MacGillivray led his men on such a ferocious charge that he broke through the first line of defence of Cumberland's army before being killed. A plaque by the well commemorates his bravery.

Culloden Battlefield and Visitor Centre

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Re: Ghosts of Culloden

Postby white wolf » Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:03 pm

This place is my spiritual home and i have always believed i fought there in another life .


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