Return from Heaven (book)

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Return from Heaven (book)

Postby Jemm » Fri Sep 23, 2011 9:40 am

author Carol Bowman
First of all thank you Spookannie for recommending this's definately made me sit up and think, I now look at people and think..."I wonder who they were (before)"
this is an amazing account of children who are beloved relatives reincarnated within the family.

After reading this book I took a long hard look at my own boys..who were both born in the 90' 84 and 85 I lost both my brothers in tragic circumstances..the similarity,between my sons and my brothers is really uncanny..right down to the walk...attitude...laugh..and features.
my mother thinks the same thing too.
Many times I have caught myself calling my oldest son by my brothers name..really bizzare.

We were all going through the family photos the other day and sorting them ,,,my boys want me to do a scrapbook album for oldest son had a pile of photos that he had taken from the box...and when I went through them he had added half a dozen photos of my younger brother who would have been the same age as my son in the photos...I called my son over and said.."Do you want these in the album too?"...he said "yeahhhhhhhh...theyre me!"....I pointed out that it wasnt him but my brother....the likeness was so amazing they could have passed as twins.
Coincidence maybe?....nope theres more to the story...but I'll add that later.
other good reads...
Investigating The Other Side
author Katherine Ramsland
this book is riviting , I couldnt put it down.
Katherine also mentions IGHS in this book ,her encounter with this group is "interesting"..
Follow her journey as she tries to seek answers to what has been happening in her life.



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