The South Shields Poltergiest

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The South Shields Poltergiest

Postby Jemm » Thu Sep 22, 2011 7:33 pm

Authors Micheal J Hallowell
and Darren W Ritson

Just finished reading this one, been waiting to get my hands on this book for a while now
seeing that it happened in the town in UK where I grew up until the age of 8,
but the address, 42 Lock Street is fictitious to protect the family.

This book details the authors investigation over a period of several months, in what they believe to be the most intense, and documented case of its kind.
In December 2005 a family began to experience low level phenomena in their home, slowly it escalated and in July 2006 the authors were asked to investigate the case.

The authors collected many eye witness statements and have consulted experts in numerous fields both in UK and abroad...graphologists, university lecturers,paranormal researchers,and medical personnel some who have witnessed these startling phenomena for themselves.

This is a chilling diary of an ongoing poltergeist case which rivals any previously documented.

Parts of the book seemed repetitive but that was necessary in order to point out finer details to the reader,and this book DOES go into ALL the fine details of the investigation , to prove their point that none of this was faked in anyway shape or form.

My Rating...
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