They've Got A Feeling

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They've Got A Feeling

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They've Got A Feeling

Posted: Sat Oct 18, 2008 7:36 am

They've Got A Feeling ...
By David Collins , Published on 12/14/2007

Thirteen-year-old Brandon Wisniewski and his mom, Donna Finnemore, are planning something of a debut this weekend.

Actually, the news about Brandon, who was followed recently around the corridors of Plainfield Central School by cameras shooting for a television program on the Biography Channel, is already out.

And his friends, he says, are cool with the idea that he may have psychic powers. Some have even begun to bug him for readings.

For Finnemore, the show, Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal, which airs at 8 p.m. Sunday, will be the first public disclosure of the family's notions of what they call their intuitive powers. Finnemore says she has a small business in which she does readings, but, until now, it's been something many people didn't know about her and her children.

For us this has sort of been an opportunity to come out of the closet, Finnemore says. I know there will be people who will judge us, and there will be people who will accept us.

Society does not openly accept this ability.

Brandon is one of a group of children profiled in the Biography Channel program. Another is 15-year-old Gina Racine, a friend of the family's and former girlfriend of Brandon's, who Finnemore says she has adopted as her spiritual daughter.

They both say that Gina read Finnemore's mind the first time they met, articulating what the older woman was thinking about the young girl's height.

œI know I'm short, Gina recalled telling her friend's mother at that first meeting.

The program, according to a synopsis from the cable television network, will focus on seven “compelling psychic youths (ages 7 to 16) as they learn to manage the gifts they've been given. Along with their parents, they attend a retreat in New York, held at a YMCA campground, where they meet with each other, counselors and psychics, while the cameras are rolling.

Finnemore says Brandon was recruited for the show through a center in Massachusetts where he has been regularly attending classes to learn more about his intuitive nature and how to accommodate what he and his mother call his gifts.

Finnemore, who says her own gifts include seeing spirits and an ability to foresee the future in visions, claims her two other sons are also intuitive, although the 10-year-old is too young to go to class and the 15-year-old is not interested at the moment.

She says that when Brandon first told her he had seen a spirit ” a heavyset lumberjack ” upstairs in their house one night, she wasn't concerned at all.

I had seen the same man the night before, she says. He described him to a T.

By involving him with other people with psychic abilities, she says, she hopes to make her son more comfortable with the kinds of gifts she worries can be difficult for a child growing up. œIt makes it easier as a child when you have a support system, she says.

Brandon says that attending the classes have already made him feel more well adjusted in school.

I'm less shy and more open. It's not something that should be hidden. By believing and knowing it's there for you, you can open your heart up more.

Gina says she not only hears and sees spirits but also can interpret and feel other people's emotions. That can be difficult at school sometimes, she says, because there are so many people and emotions swirling around.

œIt's why I like to be in the woods, she says.

Both Brandon and his mother say the spirits often come to them wanting to talk, especially at night, a time they say is busiest in the spirit world.

You don't know how to shut them out. They'll drive you crazy, Finnemore jokes.

The spirits Brandon says he sees don't have the gravity or feel of real people. He says he can sometimes feel them touching him or can smell them or hear them.

Sometimes, I'm like, 'I'm tired now, go away,' he says.

Finnemore says she knows when her father is around, because she can smell his cigar. She can smell her grandmother's perfume when she is around and her mother sometimes plays with the lights.

Finnemore says she does not participate in a traditional church and considers her religion to be in the tradition of American Indians. She says she is a very spiritual person and refers often to her belief in a great spirit.

Churches create a lot of fear about what we do, she says.

She is a full-time student at Quinebaug Valley Community College, where she is studying human services social work. Her husband works for the state Department of Transportation.

She says she would prefer to make a living doing readings and using her intuitive gifts.

My heart is in this work, she says. This is what I'd like to do, to help others on their path.


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