Haunted places in Wisconsin

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Haunted places in Wisconsin

Postby Jemm » Fri Apr 12, 2013 7:57 pm

According to Shadowlands.net, these places are supposedly haunted in Wisconsin. There are tons of hauntings stated on the website and if you would like to see them, then please click here, Haunted WI. Just remember to always get permission before you go out ghost hunting on someone's property. To me these hauntings just make good ghost stories to tell to others. Though I will say, some of these tales are quite tragic and it seems that is what always lead to hauntings. Anyway, here's some of these places around Wisconsin that are haunted!

Evergreen Inn Hotel, Manitowoc

On the 8th floor, there is a ghost of a woman who committed suicide. Some have reported seeing blood on the floor. In the lounge area, sometimes you can people from the early 1900s, dancing and eating. It sounds like something out of "The Shining."

Downtown YMCA, Green Bay

The story goes that a man in his 20s, was fighting with someone and was stabbed to death. Now, he haunts the halls where his murder had taken place at!

Bairds Creek, Green Bay

The voices of children have been heard laughing and crying after dark. People have reported seeing two ghost children in the creek and a ghost of a man has been seen walking down the bike trails.

Old Catholic Cemetery, Appleton

Visitors have claimed to see a strange fog surround the cemetery and after the fog surrounds the cemetery, you get a sense of fear run down your spine. I haven't read any reports of anyone seeing anything there besides a strange fog.

Lions Park, Elkhart Lake

Late at night, swings mysteriously swing and the merry-go-round spins without there being any wind. Legend has it, it's the ghost of a little boy who had died after he had fallen off the slide.

Rachel's Field, Eleva

Every story that I found on the internet tells the exact same thing though to me this sounds like it could be a urban legend but I won't say it isn't entirely true, that is up to the reader! The story goes like this, a young girl was murdered, nobody knew who did it and they found her body in the woods. It's a gruesome story. What gets weirder is, the little girl haunts where she was murdered, normally running up to people, crying, then disappearing. But on the 13th of every month, she takes a sinister turn, the girl's ghost is carrying a knife. The websites I've read, said at the end of the story beware, so that gets me guessing that she may attack people.

Vine St., Eau Claire

Almost every night in the month of September around midnight while driving, people will see a young woman jogging. Many believe she was the victim in the 80s, of a drunk driver.

If you have any ghost stories that you would like to share and they don't just have to be from Wisconsin, then please do share them!



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