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Psychic Paranormal Investigator Tribute Page

Postby Jemm » Sat Nov 12, 2011 3:51 pm

This is the official approved dedicated tribute Facebook fan page for the late famed FOX "Sightings" pioneering paranormal researcher, Peter James. James is most notably known as the weekly 'psychic correspondent' for the FOX hit primetime series "Sightings"; and regularly featured currently as expert investigator on Bio Channel's Saturday recast of "Unexplained Mysteries." Peter James founded the hosted paranormal evening tours aboard the Queen Mary in 1992. James was additionally and lovingly coined, "The Godfather of the ghost world."

Peter James' globally recognized paranormal investigations include the vocalized communication with 'Jackie' the Queen Mary pool area talking ghost child in April, 1991, "Heartland Ghost: Sallie's House," Alcatraz, "Ghostwriter" home haunting investigation, Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel investigations, ISPR's Belgrave Hall investigation in England, "Suicide Bridge" investigation, Colorado's "Black Forest" investigation, "Heaven's Gate" cult suicide investigation, and many more.

Before his passing in July 2007, Peter James completed his life's work in the published book, "Heaven Can You Hear Me?" Within, James details the childhood development of his psychic ability, work with law enforcement in solving cold case murders / missing persons, famed televised paranormal investigations (behind the scenes), personal theories in the paranormal, a 'walk through' of his developed investigative process, and much more. Publishing house, World Audience, agreed to contractually keep James' words completely intact throughout the work. -- 'Hear' Peter James' inner voice as you read!

"Heaven Can You Hear Me?" is offered globally through,,, Borders store locations / online and within the dedicated 'blog' section for real time discounts as issued by publisher.

Peter James' famed televised investigations, fan outpourings, photos, field expert book reviews, dedications and more can be viewed here and at


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