Queen Mary condition - Absolutely Disgusted !!!

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Queen Mary condition - Absolutely Disgusted !!!

Postby Jemm » Tue Dec 27, 2011 5:25 am

this topic might raise a few eyebrows...might even get me into a little bit of trouble, but I have to say this, it needs to be said...

For a country who is supposed to be patriotic and for a country who is supposed to be number 1 in the world...how about practicing what you preach!!!

All that flag waving and God Bless Americas mean nothing if you dont look after what you have!

USA is steeped in rich history, beautiful buildings and icons left to rot and decay. What am I taliking about?

Well lets take the RMS QUEEN MARY for example.

I was browsing through a FaceBook friends photos he took just a few days ago of the cargo hold, an area which is off limits to the public , but he and his crew managed to get permission to check it out.

Everything that was shown in the photos were tossed down there, amazing lead light windows..piles of chairs..boxes & boxes of god knows what..ships menus,notice boards, beautifil tapestry carpets, ships signs ,you name it , it was there, linen...bed covers..even an old organ...there were boxes and boxes of ships biscuits..well past their used by date but all wrapped and in old world packaging I think it looked like tins.And the list goes on.

The now owners of the QM seem to be only interested in grabbing the dollar from the tourists but from what I have heard from reliable people the ship is decaying, it's not just the fact that theyve tossed all these relics down in the cargo hold, the whole ship is in a bad state of neglect...the famous pool area is rotting..other areas are falling appart..the cabins are substandard and yet they demand top $$ to stay in them..

I don't get the Historical Preservation Laws in the US..if anyone can enlighten me on this I'm open for discussion..

At least here in Australia our Historical Societies are on the ball....we're not perfect but we don't procrastinate, we get the job done..I'm constantly hearing about the sad state in which the QM is from many people but I dont see anything being done.

How about less talk more action.
It's been proven in the past that with enough supporters on these issues things do get done.

PHOTOS from Rob Wlodarski's FaceBook collection.
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Re: Absolutely Disgusted !!!

Postby Buddah James » Tue Dec 27, 2011 7:31 am

that's a disgrace (photos) those lead light windows why cant the owners
frame them and hang them in the entrance foyer of the ship ??
your post reminds me of a 115 plus year old house in East Fremantle
(second house built in the area) the last current owner was in a very bitter
dispute with the Heritage Council and the Local Council because he was not
allowed to change the shape of the building so he let it rot to the point were
it parts of the house was falling down !! now a multi millionaire/billionaire
(overseas person) bought the house plus the whole land (minus the original
house the new owner subdivided the land and well 12 houses fitted) and
he restored the original House to it former glory ($3.7 million later) and it
was sold at action 18 months later for $ 5.5 million !! the house is beautiful
looking !! just though I'd mention it !! oh yes the house does have a resident
ghost in it !!

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Re: Queen Mary condition - Absolutely Disgusted !!!

Postby Dellycat » Tue Dec 27, 2011 12:04 pm

Why aren't they doing anything to save this ship and it's history, what is the matter with them. I seems the mighty dollar is more important to the owners than the history of the vessel. Don't they understand that investing dollars back into the ship, they continue their investment, preserve history for the future, turn it into a want to see destination, all of which benefits everyone at the end of the day.
It is mind boggling what they have done!

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