Appalling Conditions

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Appalling Conditions

Postby Jemm » Mon Jun 11, 2012 7:27 am

Ever wonder what was inside the large replica funnels that sit atop Long Beach's Queen Mary? Here is a photo that Sean Hankins took inside the second funnel awhile ago. This space was too valuable to use to house the electric closet that Long Beach gutted the original kennels to house nearby. Does this performance win Victor Grgas, the City lease administrator for the ship, an employee of the month award for good housekeeping from Suja Lowenthal, the vice mayor and council person responsible for the ship? Does "her democratic majesty" ever personally walk the ship and look around at how it is maintained? Or does she rely on the advice of the illustrious Mr. Grgas and Garrison's historical consultant for all of her perspectives and positions on Long Beach's iconic landmark that is one of its largest investments?

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